Good things come to those who…?

I was talking to some clients today and we got on the topic of gratitude. Now, everyone seems to think something different about the topic of gratitude, and to whom we should be thankful. When I think about what I’m thankful for, it often cycles back to positive changes I’d like to make in myself so that I can be the best me. SO, after five days of counting calories, which is the longest I’ve ever been successful, I feel like I’ve got a clearer mind and cleaner system than I have in a while. I feel thankful that I’m able to afford foods that are healthy, and I’m thankful that i have a husband who will love and support me no matter what size I am, as long as I’m happy

I saw this picture today and it made me think about how I encourage my clients to make personal changes so that they can begin to think about the world in a more positive way. Its easy to think of making changes as a daunting task, so I’ve been practicing using “one day at a time” as my mantra. When I feel like I want to binge or stop at some fast food restaurant, I try to remember that all I have to do is make it till bed time and then it will get easier. As long as I believe this is true, I’ll be okay.



I’ve been working on a plan for my weight loss. I created a menu with specific things I will eat each day and a calorie count that goes with them. I’ve been shooting for 1,500-1,800 calories per day, which I’ve heard is both too many and too few. I’m trying to gain an understanding of what my body wants, so if I feel like I’m not getting enough, I’ll step it up, but for the last five days, I’ve felt as though I just want to eat, not that I’m actually hungry. I’m taking a mindfulness class right now that is helping me get in touch with how I’m really feeling in the moment, and allowing my thoughts to be present without judging them or acting on them. In regular people words, I’m trying to understand my impulses so that I can diffuse the situation and figure out what is really going on. Sometimes I genuinely am hungry. Other times, I just feel like getting that SUPER FULL feeling that I love, which then puts me into a sluggish funk for the rest of the day. So far this week, I haven’t had too much trouble, but I haven’t incorporated any exercise into my routine yet. I’m thinking I’ll slowly add walking and some ab/weight exercises at home, because I don’t want to get too hard core at first when I’m not sure I can handle so much change. Just planning meals for a whole week when I have 18 hours a day scheduled is hard to do. Having a busy schedule has been a really common excuse for me for such a long time that I’m trying to get it out of my head. Here’s to hoping!


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