NYC for a sec.

Today we spontaneously decided to head to NYC using Jared’s flight benefits. We get to fly for next to nothing and we wanted to do something fun for our anniversary that really speaks to who we are as a couple. We did end up going out with a few friends last night, but I was a good girl and only had like 5 beers over the whole night, so I didn’t ‘fall off the wagon’ like I feared that I might. Today, though, because we were in NYC, I did indulge somewhat and have fajitas for lunch. I only ate two small ones before I was completely FULL so I decided to stop there. We also had nachos with grated cheddar on them, so I probably reached close to my limit, but I made good drink and snack choices for the day so although I don’t know exactly how many calories for the day, I feel pretty good about it. We also did a lot of walking around (it is NYC after all) so even if I was up there, I feel that it was somewhat justifiable.

Back to how I was feeling yesterday. I have had quite a bit of time to reflect on what was going through my head yesterday and I’m glad that I’ve been able to slow down and think some things thru. First of all, I went jogging/walking on my lunch break (I’ve decided to start the C25K work outs) because I had the brilliant idea that if I did, some exercise would help balance out whatever happened that night. As it turned out, I exercised AND I didn’t go over my calories for the day, so all was good! I haven’t been thinking about exercising too much lately cuz its been cold and snowy but since it warmed up this weekend, I was able to get some in. Yay!

So, after somewhat freaking out over what could have been a very scary weekend ending in relapse, I feel happy to say that I am down 7 lbs from my start weight and still feeling motivated! I came home from NYC today and cooked some meals for the week, as well as made my menu. Something about eating healthy and not binging has changed my energy level significantly! I don’t feel overly incredible or anything, but I’ve noticed that when I would normally come home  and crash right away, there have been several evenings that I felt good enough to get some things done. This is something I need to remember if I ‘fall off the wagon’ and start eating all of that crappy fast food again. I just didn’t have the energy for anything… Jeesh.

I only got a few pics today but I’ll post them tomorrow when I have more time. I just wanted to check in and say that I’m feeling good about how the weekend went, and I’m looking forward to another week to see what the scale has in store for me! I don’t think I’ve EVER said that…. nor have I ever lost 7 lbs healthily. Go ME.


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