Tired Tuesday

Tuesdays have been the hardest day of the week for me since August. After getting out of work at 3am on Mondays, I have to be up for my internship at 7am. After 3ish hours of sleep, I then intern all morning, come home for lunch, go to work for a few hours, leave work to go to class for two hours, and then head back to work until 4am. Its a 21 hour day on 3ish hours of sleep. Somehow, I’ve been making it thru without feeling like I’m going to die, but I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to spring break and graduation!

Even though Mondays are long days too (I get up at 7am and get off work at 3am), this week I felt motivated enough to go running on my lunch break from work! I finished C25K Week 1/Day 2, and even felt like I could have gone for another interval or two! I was extra surprised, too, because it was like 25 degrees outside and I have had trouble with asthma in cold weather in the past.


Its amazing that no matter what temperature it is when I’m working out, my face turns nice and rosy pretty quickly.

I mostly wanted to post that picture because I really haven’t taken a ‘before’ picture. As of today, I’m 14 days clean and still feeling hopeful, BUT I fear that if I take one more ‘before’ picture in my lifetime, I’ll get caught in a negative thought cycle because of my history of failure. I know it’s silly to think that way because in the past I haven’t REALLY tried to count calories, but I really just don’t want to give myself any more reason to doubt my abilities. So, I can look at that picture as a reference in the future if I need to, as well as be proud of myself for running!

As I near the end of a loooong Tuesday, I’m feeling good! Thank goodness I’ve been eating healthier because the extra energy has been really helpful for these long days. Today I’m thankful that I can afford to maintain the new me, and I’m very thankful that my husband is so supportive and wonderful (and handsome 😉 )


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