Just Another Manic Monday…

Well, it’s Monday again. Something about being able to sleep in tomorrow has made today more bearable, but at 1:47 am (and 18 hours of being awake), I feel a crash coming on. Today is 27 days clean – nearly four weeks! I was pretty surprised to see that I’d lost 14 lbs as of this weekend, so at 4 weeks, and basically a month, I have lost about 15! That’s five more than expected, which reinforces the feelings that I’m doing something right.

Something kinda cool happened today; while I was driving, I realized that after four weeks, I finally don’t feel triggered in the car anymore! It’s almost hard to believe because that was my biggest problem area before, and now, I am more thirsty in the car, and not hungry/triggered to munch. The last few weeks have gone really fast, and I can’t believe that so much has changed.  In reality, not much has, but many of the things that I talked about the other day, especially mindset, are good feelings for me.

I went to the dog park with a girlfriend this weekend and our dogs got to play together. It was a blast. While we were there, she talked about her trials and tribulations with losing weight, and she said that she scheduled a 5k for like 2 weeks from now, but hasn’t run since early January. She is probably equally overweight, but often goes through spurts of dieting and not dieting. She told me about her experience eating ‘1200 calories a day and working out 5 times a week’ she said she got really discouraged when she only lost one pound… or even gained one or two. She tried for two weeks in January and gave up. As I was listening, I was thinking of how many times I’ve tried that, and felt the same discouragement. I feel like I’m in a groove now where I’m understanding my body more, and realizing that there are opportune times to weigh myself, to work out, to drink water, and do just about anything. In the last two weeks I’ve weighed myself after the two hardest days of the week and been disappointed… but then when I weigh in again on Saturday mornings, the ‘official’ days, I’m satisfied. I just tried to listen and be empathetic, because she needs to be ready to change for herself.  I’m still feeling confident, but I remember when I was in her shoes. Sometimes, no matter how silly they sound, it’s nice to hear others talk about their struggles because it reminds me where I’ve been, and how far I’ve come.

This is week 3 of my C25k workouts, and I must admit… I’ve been really sore! Saturday I ran with Ava, and although she normally likes to pull on the leash, by the end of the workout, I was dragging her haha. It was pretty funny. Today, I decided I wanted to push myself, because I’ve been feeling almost too comfortable after my workouts. I ran harder for the 90 second sets than I have for any others, and while I was running the 3 minute sets, I tried to get my mind focused on other things to push through. It actually worked pretty well! Afterwards, I did some planks and a few yoga exercises to stretch out my back. I know that I need to tighten my abs because my back is beginning to hurt while I run, and I know its because I’m not keeping my core tight. SO, that’s my next mission – incorporate core exercises into my routine.


I found this silly workout plan on pinterest, but I figured its easy to access from my phone and if I try to do each of these twice a day (especially early on) it will be a quick way for me to get better! I want to do some other ab stuff, but we’ll have to see what fits in as I go.

Well, that’s about it for me. This is a pretty lame spring break, so I’m just trying to make the best of sleeping in, getting more experience at my internship… and spending time with my wonderful dogs.


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