The need to shake things up.

Well, this has been another tough week, but not for the same reasons as last week. As my last post indicated, I’ve been having a tough time with my healthy eating this week. Both weekend days I splurged some, which has been affecting me every day since. Even though I haven’t gone over 1,400 calories any day since Sunday, I have really been struggling with cravings and triggers to binge. I’m not sure if its because I indulged a couple of times this weekend, or if I’m just getting to the point where I need to introduce some new, tasty foods into my diet, but either way, I’m not very happy about it. I think the combo of the two is really the problem. I didn’t cook for the week at all on Sunday, so every day I’ve just been eating whatever I could find in my house… which has been those little ‘Compleats’ things nearly every day. They aren’t horrible, but I just feel like I need something really satisfying, and I haven’t had that. Plus, two days this week at work there were tasty foods that were offered to everyone from our bosses, and I really wanted to have some both days. Monday, they had grilled hot dogs to celebrate the kickoff of Pirates baseball, and Tuesday my boss bought the department pizza. Instead I ate crappy, processed food that I didn’t even enjoy. Ugh. Fortunately, today when I weighed myself to just check-in, I was at an expected weight for the day of the week, so I felt a little better.

Now, on a brighter note, this week I ran four times! It was really tough because Saturday I had to catch up for last week, and the day was supposed to be 20 mins. That was like waaaay longer than I ever remember running at a time, and I didn’t get to walk at all. After successfully completing it though, I felt so accomplished and good about myself that I didn’t even worry about any of the other work outs this week. Today was W6D3, which means 22 minutes of jogging straight. I did it without too much trouble! At times, I did feel like I was going too slow though, so after I finish the program in two weeks, I need to start working on speed. The last minute of today’s run, I picked up the pace a lot and really extended my legs (which are really long), so I’m hoping that if I keep running for quite a while, I will begin to do this more naturally which will both elongate my muscles and increase my speed.

In other, more personal news, today it’s raining again! 🙂

ImageI walked around campus for like 15 minutes after my workout just splashing through puddles in my bare feet. It’s only like 45-50 degrees in Pittsburgh today, but I was hot from my workout, and I just love the rain so much. I can see the world getting greener for every drop!

Tonight I have a little date planned with Jared. A couple of weeks ago he ditched me on a Thursday night to hang out with his friends, and I was pretty bummed about it, but I can tell he is making an effort to hang around more with me. His mom has been texting me this week too, which is always really nice. Its weird to enjoy texting someone’s MOM, but to be honest, I love that we’ve grown closer, even though we live like 5 hours away from them. She’s really making an effort to spend time with us and plan to be together, and I think its a really positive thing for everyone involved. I know Jared loves going up to see his niece and nephews too, since I wont let him knock me up just yet 😉

Tuesday was April 1st, which is a big date in my life. Two years ago on that day, we met Yoli for the first time. We took her and one of her brothers to the park with us to see what their personalities were and I immediately fell in love with her. She was so sweet and resilient, which was surprising in the runt of the group. She was soo uncoordinated, and you could tell that her siblings beat her up and walked all over her. To this day, she is SUCH a doll, and I’m soo glad we brought her home just a couple of weeks later when she was officially old enough. Clearly, she’s comfortable where she is now!

ImageI think my favorite thing about our family is that we all bring different things to the table, but we all are individuals. For example, Jared is very sweet and sentimental, and I’m more practical and thoughtful. Ava is more needy and loyal, and Yoli is more independent and cuddly. Some of these things don’t seem to go together, but we all make them work. The coolest thing is that we all get along sooo well (mostly), so even though my dogs are both different, they love each other and cuddle every day! They also take care of me as much as I take care of them. I’m so lucky to have Jared AND my dogs. I think we all need each other.


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