Eight weeks and counting.

Welp, its Tired Tuesday again… but its my second-to-last one EVER (hopefully). I had planned on posting yesterday but never really got around to it because my boss was kinda hovering at work again. It seems like no matter how much I have to do, or how often I go searching for more tasks, its never quite enough for her. Its really beginning to take a tole on my emotions while at work. I’m looking forward to graduation, cuz I’ll be able to tell my current job to ‘shit in their hats’ as Jared would put it haha.

This weekend he and I went to a Pirates game!

ImageIt was a blast. I actually had quite a few beers, which is somewhat unusual for me because they’re sooo expensive at the game. I guess Sunday the weather was just right and the kid behind us who wouldn’t stop screaming was a perfect excuse to have another haha. I really didn’t eat any junk during the game, which was great, but when I got home, I was soo hungry (and slightly drunk) that I binged and didn’t even think twice. It’s frustrating that this happened because I was upset at the beginning of last week for feeling like I really slipped up on the weekend, and then I had a good weigh-in… so it almost justified it in my head while it happened, which is not what I want at all! Some people have a ‘cheat day’ each week, but I just don’t want to get into that habit. It seems like we go to restaurants more on the weekends, but generally I make good choices there so now I’m kinda mad at myself for being so impulsive.

I’ve also had the munchies pretty badly all day today. At times I’m completely aware that I’m not hungry, but for some reason I still want to eat. Its 3:20 AM and I’ve only had 1300 calories, which isn’t bad for being up for the last 21 hours, but regardless, I hate the feeling of dissatisfaction. Grrrrrr. I need to behave this weekend so that next week is easier again, because it seems like when I stay in the groove of things, I don’t get the munchies too much… so if I keep slipping up on the weekends, the beginning of the week is going to continue to suck. It’s like I’m a masochist or something.

As for running, this week is 25 minutes straight all three days! I was supposed to go out monday on my lunch break but didn’t because it was cold and rainy. It is one thing to run when its cold OR raining, but when its both and I have to return to work afterwards, it makes for a very miserable me. I don’t want to look like hell OR feel like hell, and the combination of cold and wet would be sure to leave me feeling that way. SO, now I need to run the next two days no matter what happens. I’m sure I can do it though, since I’ll at least get some sleep tonight. Derek has been sleeping over lately, tho, so its a little weird in the house. Its not bad, and I like that he feels comfortable in our home, but if it were long term, I’d reeeeeeeeeeeeeally miss walking around in my undies. I think he’s only staying thru the weekend, though, so I’m suuure I can handle it.


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