School is quickly coming to an end!

Sooo, this is my last Saturday at work! School ends in two weeks, but for me it really ends in one because I don’t really have finals. With this transition, it means I’m done working weekends and I can return to my Mon-Thur work schedule! Of course, this is great news for me because now I get to take long trips on the weekends without feeling too exhausted. This also means that I’m probably going to be weighing in on sporadic days, because I’m just not sure what I will be doing on any given day. In fact, next week I’ll be at my in-laws for Easter, so I wont be able to weigh in on Saturday. I’ll try to do so on Friday morning, but we’ll have to see if I remember.

Anyways, I did do my usual weigh-in this morning and I’m down 2.6 more pounds! This is under what I’m used to, but I just started my period yesterday so I’m a little bloated… which usually means water weight. Either way, I met my first goal, which was 10% of my body weight!!! I can’t even believe it!! I’ve lost 28.6 lbs in 8 weeks! I’m thinking it is starting to show a little bit, but I’m not completely sure. I know that I’m feeling it with the clothes I wear.  For example, I’ve been running in the same 3 pairs of yoga pants since I started, and I’ve lost enough weight that they are starting to slip down when I run. It is a little annoying, but any ‘problems’ that I have due to weight loss, are okay problems in my book! I also wore some capri’s to internship yesterday that I was sure were too small for me. It turns out, they fit me better now than they did when I bought them!

I love checking in with good news. As I said, this wasn’t a perfect week for me in weight loss, but that is okay. I got some food inspiration again this week, so it wasn’t too hard to stick to my plans like last week. I’ve been pretty successful with the foods I have, and on Wednesday, even though it seemed like I was eating at work all night, I actually only had like 1,000 calories for the whole day. I switched from drinking the Special K morning shakes for breakfast to eating a spinach and cheese hot pocket. There are only 60 more calories in the hot pockets, and they have been subsiding my hunger way better. They both have the same amount of protein, but something about the solid food makes me feel more full than the small drinks that I’d been using before that.

Today also starts the last week of the C25k workout I’ve been doing. Two days of 28 minute jogs and one day of 30 minutes, and then I’m completely done. I actually just downloaded the 10k version, which starts with the same exact 8 weeks as the C25k workouts. I would switch over to that app now, but I’m really looking forward to seeing that I’ve completed all eight weeks! I like seeing the milestones that I’ve passed on my own. Like I said last week, I need to find little ways to keep up the motivation, so this little boost is going to be one of them. After next week, I’ll begin working on a 10k. I think the app goes 13 weeks, so after 5 more weeks of dying (yes, that word is synonymous with running), I should be able to run more than three miles. I know my speed is slower than a 10 minute mile, so I wont be running a full 10k right then, but I’m not slow enough that I won’t be going at least 4-5 miles in that time. SO, I’m hanging on to the idea that I’ll be able to run 3+ miles in the near future, which is HUGE for a beginning runner. I can’t believe I’m getting so excited about exercising!



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