Delayed weigh-in

So, I decided that weigh-in day would be Friday… and then I didn’t post all weekend. That was rude! I did weigh in, though, so I will just post today for then, and then try to remember to do better this week.

ImageDown to 248! It feels great to be in the 40’s again. This is definitely the lowest I’ve weighed since I moved to Pittsburgh, so I’m feeling really accomplished. Unfortunately, all of this free time has really messed with my eating habits. Last week, I was eating right around 1000 calories per day and running nearly 3 miles. When the weekend came, I didn’t need to catch up on sleep, and I had lots of down time, so I had trouble not binging. I managed to control myself Friday and Saturday, until we went out Saturday night with some friends. I had tater tots covered in cheese with my beer, which I’m sure was just an obscene amount of calories. They were totally worth it, because I worked so hard all week, but when Sunday came around, I had trouble again. I didn’t have much planned other than dinner with some girlfriends, so I ate pretty healthily until AFTER dinner, and then I totally binged my way right through the evening. It was horrible. I need to find some kind of hobby to keep myself busy in my three days off.

My plans for handling this in the future are as follows: First, I want to start doing at least one workout on the weekend, but possibly two. Its hard for me to agree to this because I’m much better at working out when there is specific scheduled time for it (like my hour lunch break at work). Because the 10k workouts are too long for my hour lunch break (this week they total 58 minutes), I need to work to get them in at another time. I’m excited to be running farther, but worried about figuring out how to fit them into my ‘down time.’ I”m not used to down time, so this is yet another thing that I need to learn to deal with in my transition out of grad school. I’ve transitioned to eating much healthier over the last three months, so now I just need to continue transitioning with the rest of my life. My second plan for this is to make sure I have at least one BIG thing planned per weekend. This week I spent Fri-Sat in Clarion, and had a blast with Jared.


It was a really great time going to our favorite townie bar in our college town (my home town). Unfortunately, after Saturday, I still had a whole day off and nothing BIG to do. I need to find something to fill my time so that I’m either having a good time, or I’m tired, so I don’t feel like just sitting around and eating. We’ll have to see how that changes in the future.

I was actually really excited last week to see such good results on the scale, but after eating like shit all weekend, I’ve kinda moved a couple steps backwards, it seems. This morning I was back in 50’s again. I’m not sure how much of that is just water weight and how much is real weight, but either way, I’m not very happy about it. I need to hold on to this feeling the next time I feel bingey so that I can play the tape the whole way through. Hopefully that will help me avoid eating a bunch of crap for no reason.


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