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Gearing up to Vaca!

So, to help with my very, very hectic week, I’m going to Florida with Jared this weekend. We’re leaving at the crack of dawn on Friday, so tomorrow I have to get all my errands done and drop the dogs off with my older brother. It should be a lot of driving… but that’s not too bad. I like music and I can chat on the phone so I’m not too worried. Plus, I get to have lunch with my baby brother David. Yay!

I’ve been reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” this week because the doctor gave it to me for free. I’ve been reading a lot about what I should be eating, and its actually been really hard for me. I can easily eat waay more calories than I should, but if I try to eat things that it suggests (3 servings yellow/green fruit/veggies, 6 servings whole grains, etc.) its very, very hard for me to eat more than like 1,400 calories. I hit just that both Monday and Tuesday, and I still needed to eat more but was SO FULL I couldn’t put anything else in my belly. Its pretty cool, but also pretty annoying. I don’t want to gain any weight until its appropriate, but I want to eat enough calories for the baby. Ugh. Being pregnant is awful sometimes! We’re also planning to tell my parents this weekend in Florida. I’m kinda freaking out as it gets closer because every time I talk to my mom, I feel like she has just one more reason that its too early. I’m not sure if she’s trying to hide her real feelings or show me that she’s on my side or what, but I know it will be quite a shock for her. She’s going to love us no matter what, though, so its not the worst worry in the world. I guess I’m just worried that she won’t be as excited as Jared (and his dad!).

Yesterday I went running again. It was super tough at the beginning again. I kept redirecting my thinking to take my mind off of my breathing and steps. I have waaaay too much to think about right now, so it wasn’t too hard.

ImageAs you can see, once I took my mind off of the running, I was quick! I averaged 30 seconds faster per mile as compared to Monday.

ImageI was pretty consistent today with my first two miles. I think I slowed down some for the last one because it was mostly uphill. I also was probably not paying attention enough to speed up. Either way, I’m really happy with the 12:34 overall average. That is down like a whole minute since I started using the RunKeeper app.

Some of the things overwhelming me this week are: what the HELL am I going to do for money when I’m on maternity leave?? I had another interview today, but its for a PT job, not FT. That means that if I were to quit my current job, I would have to take UNPAID maternity leave. That just doesn’t seem plausible to me. I don’t like my current job very much, but I might be forced to stay in it until I can at least get a full time job somewhere else. Or, I need to keep it until after the baby comes and my maternity leave is over. Ugh. This is something I need to talk to my parents about. I hope that their wisdom will be very helpful. AND Hopefully this vaca will help ease my mind!


Manic Monday

Today started out pretty well for me! Monday’s are always weird because I get to bed at a reasonable time on Sundays, so I wake up pretty early Monday… and without school, I have nothing to do. Today, I felt particularly motivated, so I did some cleaning, called the apartment people about our clogged sink, and then headed out to run some errands. I got back around one and the maintenance guy still hadn’t come yet. I figured he’d be there by then, so I was surprised to come home to an empty house. It was a pretty big bummer because I didn’t want to be in the shower when he showed up, but I also wanted to shower before I had to leave for work (3:45ish). Unfortunately, he cameΒ  at about 1:30, and it took him FOREVER. He was still there when I left. Then, Jared called me tonight after my dinner break to say the overnight maintenance man came to check on the progress and he said that the morning guy screwed a bunch of stuff up. SO ANNOYING.

So, I ended up going to work without showering. Ick. But, better news is that I did my run tonight and it went pretty well! I felt good, I worked hard, and afterwards I felt like it was MUCH better than last week. Last week there were a couple days I felt like I would DIE before I hit 30 minutes. Today, the hardest part was the first 10 minutes. After that, I mostly tuned out and just kept running and thinking. I’ve found my best runs are when I’m totally tuned out to the world and I’m just in my head.


IMG_3868This was a “PR” best time for me. 13:01 is really good! Especially since last week I felt like I couldn’t finish at all. Plus, check out those negative splits πŸ˜‰ I love seeing that my pace picks up as I go. I think its because the first 10 minutes are so sucky haha.

One TOUGH week…

Welp. This has been one rollercoaster week. I started out on Monday recognizing that I needed to shake things up. So, after running Monday and Tuesday, I planned to do the same Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I noticed this week that I’ve been waiting for my period for over a week now. I checked my calender to see if I was crazy, but I wasn’t. My period was late and I was scared. I bought a pregnancy test and… It’s positive. Wednesday I found out and went to the doctor the same day. At the doctor, I took TWO tests, and both were negative. That day I had about 4 heart attacks, and cried for probably more than 4 hours cumulatively. Among the many reasons they gave for my (probable) false negatives, the most likely seemed that my urine was diluted and its so early that the hCG hormones were low. With diluted urine and low levels you have false negatives.

I went home on my lunch break to tell Jared. Of course, I was crying before I finished the two-word sentence, “I’m pregnant.” Some of the tears were happy, some sad, and most of them were just TERRIFIED. Most of the sadness came from being bummed that we’re changing our plans from Vegas to something else. The happy ones recognized that I’ve been on this weight-loss journey in order to have a baby. SO, this is something that I wanted, and something that I’ve been planning for for over four months now. Since Wednesday, there have been lots more happy and terrified tears. I’m pretty sure there has been a significant amount of hyperventilating too, but that goes along with the terrified tears generally.

So, this puts a pretty big staple in my weight loss. I want to continue running and doing some exercises because I’ve read a lot about how that’s healthy for the baby, especially in the first two trimesters. I may switch to something lower impact after a while, but for now I’m gonna continue to try to pound out the pavement a bit. It is tougher though. I think I’m all up in my head about the pregnancy when I’m running now. Today, I planned to do 30 minutes like Monday and Tuesday this week. When I got started, I felt good, so I switched up my direction and went up a pretty steep hill. I did it pretty fast, because it felt good, and then for the next 10 minutes, I could NOT catch my breath no matter what. It was horrible. It was a little chillier today than it has been lately, but it was not cold by any means. In fact, it was PERFECT running weather.


I’m not sure why I had so much trouble breathing, but I was definitely wheezing for like 10-20 minutes, even AFTER the run was over. That’s something that I dealt with when I was younger, but I haven’t really had trouble with since I started running in February. I remember being surprised that I could breathe in the cold, which is why I was so bummed today.Β  I think I justified stopping early because I’m pregnant, which must mean I’m more tired than normal. I need to find a way to keep myself goal-oriented. I’m afraid I’m just going to continue justifying slowing down or quitting running with the pregnancy. I’m gonna work to come up with a plan, and hopefully by Monday I’ll know.

Also, I haven’t told anyone but Jared yet. Instead of going to Vegas, we’re going to Florida to hang out with my parents for the weekend. We’re leaving Friday, so I’m hoping to run Monday-Wednesday and then get ready to head down Thursday. I’m planning to tell my parents while we’re there, because I wont be drinking. I have a plan for telling my mom, but it may slip out sooner because generally when I’m around them, we do ALOT of drinking. We really enjoy a nice refreshing beer during outdoor activities. Unfortunately, prego me has to say no. I’m still dealing with the frustrating ‘rules’ of pregnancy. It doesn’t seem to matter what the food is, pretty much everyone has an opinion about EVERYTHING. I can’t have caffeine, diet pop, any sugar substitute, too much fat, too much grease, and the list goes onnnnnnnnnnnnn. So annoying.

So, that’s what’s up. PS. Its still a secret, since I’m only 5 weeks along. MANY terrible things can happen before the end of the first trimester….

Hitting Reset

Today I worked really hard to hit the RESET button on my meal plans. I set my alarm and got up ‘early’ (relative, since I work til 3am) to go to the grocery store and find some things that I can make home-made that will be both satisfying and relatively healthy. At this point, I pretty much am open to eating ANYTHING homemade, because for the last few weeks I’ve been eating a ton of frozen dinners. They’re really convenient because they label how many calories and you don’t have to put any effort into making them. The weird thing, though, is that I have plenty of time to put into cooking and counting my calories, but I just haven’t been doing it. Things have come to a complete halt since I finished school, and I’ve been spending a lot of time doing nothing productive. I hate being this way, so I really want to start focusing on using my time wisely. Today was a great start for that.

When I got home from the grocery store I did some cooking. I made Salisbury steak and spinach/pepperjack stuffed flank steak. I had some of the Salisbury steak for lunch, and it was DELICIOUS. I could have eaten about 20 lbs of it, but I limited myself to 1 and 1/2 patties (about 200 calories). Something I had been doing the last couple weeks was only eating a hot pocket before I went to work. Regardless of waking up at 9am or 3pm, I only ate those 250 calories in the morning, which I think was a big problem. Some days I wasn’t actually hungry for more than that, but most days I was very hungry but wanted to ‘save’ my calories for later. I don’t know what made me think that was a good idea, but I definitely want to get out of that habit. I need to listen to my body and eat when it is hungry. A few weeks ago I remember thinking to myself, “It’s okay to feel hungry for a little bit.. I need to learn to sit thru the hunger.” The problem is, I think I’ve adopted a too-rigid attitude, which has really hindered my ability to stay on track. I decided that I could only eat one thing before 4pm, and that was the way it is. Well, today I say that is CRAP. I don’t think I need to be eating all 1200 calories by the time I get to work, but if I want to eat breakfast AND lunch, it shouldn’t hurt me. I feel so silly for forcing myself into that attitude.

I got some grapes and salad today, too. I like to eat tuna on a pile of lettuce because its pretty filling and its only like 90 calories if you use the ‘light’ tuna. That is a nice, low-cal meal that I actually like. I think I may start doing stuff like that for lunch. I also got soup that would be a good substitute at lunch. I like the grapes because I can munch on them for a while and not feel guilty at all. So, even if I feel like its mindless munching, its not really hurting anything (other than reinforcing the behavior of munching). Sometimes, you have to compromise I guess.

Tonight’s run was pretty sucky again. It was SO hot. I mean, like 80 degrees. There were a million people at the track and my legs felt strained the whole time. I had a lot of trouble getting into the groove of my run because I was constantly worrying about getting around someone or staying off to one side or the other. It was really annoying. PLUS my freaking headphones got fucked up about half way through and my left one stopped working except when it was in exactly the correct position. It was so annoying because when you’re running, you aren’t holding anything still, so it kept fading in and out. Soo annoying. Anyways, I did the same thing as yesterday; 30 minutes. I wanted to stop at ten, but I pushed through. I just kept telling myself, “I know I can run 30 minutes, so why would I stop now?” It seemed to work.

Image Instead of turning the app on for my warmup, I just turned it on when I started running, so today was only 30 mins, instead of 33. Its funny that it says its my ‘best time’ because its comparing TWO workouts lol.Β  I was planning on running on the road, but there was a lot of lightening when I went outside and I didn’t want to get too far away in case it started to downpour. Fortunately, it didn’t do that until about 30 minutes after I got back to work.

Even though the run sucked, I did it. Tomorrow is going to be better, I KNOW it. I’ll have home-made food in my belly for two days at that point, and I’ll feel even more rejuvenated. Positive thinking! πŸ™‚


Well. Its Monday…. and I think I have a case of the Monday’s. I woke up feeling STARVING, which is because I went to Applebee’s for dinner last night at like 9:30pm. I overate there, so today I felt that weird, empty feeling in my stomach that I used to feel all the time for binging right before bed. It was awful. Not only did I eat too much yesterday, I felt like crap today and admitted to myself that I feel totally off the wagon. I decided to return a book at the library this morning because I woke up with nothing to do, and I was already feeling bingey. So, I took Yoli over to Chatham to return my book, and on the way home, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was totally obsessed with the idea of eating fast food. I mean COMPLETELY obsessed. I was going to deposit a check on my way home, but decided not to because the fast food places are over by the bank. I was proud of myself for passing it up, until I got to the corner right before my road… I saw Arby’s, and without any hesitation went straight into the parking lot. I even said out loud, “I am being so impulsive.” I ordered three things, chicken, curly fries, and mozz sticks, which comes out to about 1,300 calories. At noon, I had already consumed more calories than I should have for the ENTIRE day. I felt so defeated when I got home. I, of course, at the entire meal, and then laid down to take a nap because I felt so shitty (and guilty).

I realized later that I’ve lost a lot of my motivation. It’s like I hit 35lbs lost and just hit a wall. The last week I’ve been working sooo hard to just push thru and keep doing what I should be, but with like 3 cheat days then, and then already two since my last weigh-in, I’m really struggling. I realized that part of the problem is that I really don’t like the 10k plan. I dread going out running for more than 50 minutes, and I just don’t feel any sense of accomplishment afterwards. I decided to take a break from it. I’m either going to just do the trainer a little bit at a time while I fit in shorter runs during the week, or I will just disregard it completely. So, today on my lunch break, I set out for a nice 30 minute run. It was tough, because I ate GARBAGE for breakfast, but it was pretty cool because I used a new running app, My Run Keeper.

ImageIts pretty cool because its pretty accurate and it lets you know every five minutes how well you’re doing. It comes on with notifications that say how long you’ve been going, what your average mile speed is, and how far you’ve gone. It was very helpful today because I was trying to challenge myself to have negative splits for the whole run. Since every five minutes has a notification, you can tell pretty easily whether or not you’ve sped up.

ImageI did a three minute ‘warmup’ where I was walking, so my average pace is a bit high, since my speed for those minutes was like 20 mins per mile. The average at the end is a little high, but I think its about right, since I usually guess that’s how fast I’m going, judging by the supposed distance of the track. I’m not convinced I went as far as it says I did, but either way, its pretty cool to see the workout summary there at the end. Next time I’m not going to start it until I finish my warm-up walk so it is more accurate. I think I’m going to stop running on the track, too, since it will mostly keep track of my mileage. I’m gonna try to run up on the sidewalk of the road tomorrow. I think if I keep the distance of my run down to something like this Ill be able to do it all four days in a row at work. That may make me feel better during the week AND help me stay motivated, which I totally need.

I know I need to mix up my meals, too, because what I’ve been eating is not getting me excited anymore. I think I’ve said this alot lately, but its more true now than ever. I can’t live in the guilt that I’ve been feeling all day, so I need to look forward to the food that I plan. So, here is my embarrassing number from last week:

ImageI only lost 1.2 more pounds, which is part of the reason I’ve been feeling crappy. I’ve lost my motivation and then seeing a crappy number did not help at all. At least if I’d put up a good number, I may feel more motivated… although I may also just feel like I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight, which is soo not true. SO, I’m taking this as a learning experience. This week, I want to hit 40lbs lost. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I think if I can, I’ll feel more rejuvenated. Maybe not, but either way, I want to have a goal. Its only two more pounds, which is a healthy goal. If I run every day, and stick to my eating plan, it should be doable.Β  Here’s hoping.

Up and down

Well, I had my interview today. I felt a little nervous so I left like 30 minutes early, just in case I got lost… which I did. I knew exactly WHERE it was, but I wasn’t sure how to get to the correct building within the GIANT hospital that it was supposed to be a part of. I also was afraid I’d park somewhere and then have trouble finding my way out of that garage and into the correct building, but it turned out just perfect. I found my way, I parked, AND made it upstairs about fifteen minutes before the interview started. That is a little earlier than I would actually like to show up for an interview, but its MUCH better than being late. Also, I had a chance to relax a bit so my hands weren’t sweaty when the interviewer came in the room. I have this big fear of someone shaking my sweaty hand and just rejecting me right then.

I think the interview went well overall. I was told that they were very interested in me because of my previous experience, but I fear that all of the candidates will be similar. In a city like this, I imagine there are many people going up for every job that I do. SO, I’m just crossing my fingers and trusting the process. This is another time where trusting the process is important… but so hard.

Tonight at work, I was feeling suuuuuper munchy. I managed to eat half a cantaloupe and some ravioli before I went on my dinner break, which is impressive because I wanted to eat about 10 cheeseburgers. I was supposed to run today, but I was just not feeling motivated at all. Last night, the run was so mediocre, and so LONG that I just didn’t want to do it again. Add that to the munchies, and you have a skipped workout and binging at a chinese restaurant. I knew that would be coming, so instead I put on my workout clothes and just did some agility exercises. It was only about a 15 minute work out, but my heartrate was definitely up, and I could feel some new muscles in my legs, so it wasn’t a complete fail. For my agility exercises, I did down-and-back for the width of the soccer field with a 30 second break between each of these exercises: high knees, butt kicks, skipping, grapevine, and backwards running. It was pretty quick, but at least it kept me from overdoing the munching. Afterwards, I just laid in the grass and stared at the sky for a while. I could even see a few stars up in the sky, which isn’t very common in the city. I also did a little meditation while I was laying there.

ImageIt was far from the best one that I’ve done on this app, but it was still nice to just lay in the grass and get grounded. It really helped my stress level too, which is so important with my other interview tomorrow. I feel like I’m more prepared for that one, since I’ve been working as an IOP therapist for the past year. In a perfect world, I’d be offered BOTH positions, and have to choose from them, but the world is not perfect, so I just want to nail this one so that I can enjoy the weekend and relax a bit.

We’re heading up to Clarion again this weekend (third time this week!) so that we can do a little river party with my family. Apparently its to celebrate Zac/Dad’s birthdays, Mothers day, and my graduation! That is quite a bit of celebration! She’s making grilled chicken, which will be super DELICIOUS, and healthy/low calorie. SO, hopefully this weekend wont be another downward spiral like last weekend. My weigh in is supposed to be tomorrow and I don’t think I’ve lost anything at all. When I woke up and weighed myself this morning, I weighed exactly the same as last week. 😦

It has been quite an eventful week! The last time I posted was Saturday, and I was feeling bummed because of the rain. Since then I’ve run twice, and both times have gone pretty well. Monday I finished W10D3 of the 10k trainer, and it was a pretty standard day.Β  Yesterday, instead of working, I went to Clarion to do Animal Assisted Therapy with Ava! It was pretty cool. I was feeling kinda off the whole day, and I think I was just anxious about how she would behave on our first time as volunteers.

ImageAs you can see, she ate it right up. She did great! I was so proud. I think she was possibly even a little sick of all of the attention toward the end, because the group stayed around that size or larger for the whole hour, and by the time it was almost time to go, she would face away from the group instead of look for newcomers. I can’t blame her though. It is exhausting being the center of attention so long! And all those strangers kept kissing her and hugging her and she put up with it… Man. She is awesome.

ImageHere we are before we went in. My mom came with us and took a bunch of pictures on my phone, which is totally cool. Ava is totally in love with my mom too, which is why she looked at the camera! Usually she looks away, the darn sassy girl. She may get her sass from me πŸ˜‰

Tonight, my run was okay. It was W11D1 of the 10k trainer, so it was 6 minutes more running than last week. I really hustled for the last 8 minutes, which is great, but I was feeling really tired around mile 2. I have this big interview tomorrow so I was trying to rehearse for it in my head to take my mind off of the run, but it didn’t work as well as I hoped. After the first mile I felt good, at mile two I felt crappy, and after mile 3 I felt really good again. Its so weird how my body is handling these longer runs. I officially did 9 laps, which equals out to 3.6 miles. I could tell I really slowed down for the second set of 17 minutes, because I should have been running at least 3 laps for each set, and the second one I barely made it. The first and third were very good though. It felt really good to pick up the pace at the end, too, so maybe I’ll try to do that for my last lap all the time now. Its weird because each run I feel differently. For example, on Monday, I felt really good after mile 1… but before that I was tired and wanted to quit. Today, mile 1 was fine, but I was dying around mile 2. So unpredictable.

I think part of the problem was what I ate yesterday on my trip to clarion. I was planning to go out to dinner with my mom to my favorite restaurant in Clarion, the Pizza Pub, so I was trying to save my calories for the ultra unhealthy steak salad (complete with cheese and french fries). Unfortunately, I ate my usual breakfast at like 10:30am, and we weren’t planning to do dinner until like 5:30. I didn’t bring any snacks, and so I reverted back to past behaviors on the drive… and stopped at Taco Bell. I didn’t overeat which is good, but I still pretty much set myself up for that. I mean, by not bringing snacks, I was setting myself up to do that. I think I was actually hoping for a reason to stop, but didn’t want to admit it to myself. When we go back this weekend, I’m gonna make sure I have a nice, safe plan. Also, Jared will be in the car, and I like to remain strong in his eyes. Hey, any kind of motivation is good motivation… right?

Anyways, yesterday in combination with our trip to the Pirates game with my parents on Sunday may add up to a crappy weigh-in on Friday. When I woke up this morning, I was having trouble finding motivation to remain on my diet. Part of the problem was that I’m starting to really notice the changes in my body because I can fit into ALOT of my old clothes… and when I noticed that, it planted the little seed in my head that I’m good. I don’t need to go any farther. Obviously, weighing 245lbs is still not healthy, so this isn’t true, but its still in my mind. I’m hoping that recognizing that this is a thought distortion is going to help. Something else that will help is having a more structured day-job. I have two interviews this week, and I’m hoping that at least one of them will offer me the job, meaning more regular hours, and none of this 3am bullshit. Although my current job has made it nice for me to run on my breaks, those days are over, as this week starts a 64 minute workout. Add that to 5-10 minutes changing and I’m WAY over my lunch break limit. I need to start running when I’m home. Tomorrow I cant, so I’m gonna try to after that.

My plans for Spain have changed, which may be another reason I’ve lost some spunk. We’re gonna try to go to Vegas instead, but last time we planned that, it didn’t happen because the flights filled up. 😦  I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen again because I fit into some of the semi-skanky dresses that I have from when I was younger, and I really want an excuse to go out and feel good about myself. I know that those dresses don’t have very many appropriate venues, but Vegas is definitely one of them. So, although I’m really bummed about Spain, I’m feeling hopeful about Vegas. Knowing I have to wear a mini dress in two weeks will hopefully keep me motivated for at least that long, as well as remind me that I’m doing this for a reason!

The week we get back should be my last one on the 10k planner too, which is pretty exciting.Β  I can’t believe my stamina has increased so much, and I’m really surprised that I’ve been able to stick to something for so long! This is my 11TH WEEK of running. That is nearly three months of setting a goal and sticking to it! That is freaking incredible! I need to think of this whenever I’m getting a little tired or bored with the program, because I don’t want to have to start it over EVER again. Only being able to run 60 seconds at a time is really embarrassing. Being able to run 52 minutes out of 55 is really cool. Even if I’m only going 3.6 miles in that much time, it is definitely an accomplishment to be able to keep going, even when I don’t want to or think I can’t. Ahhh, positive thinking! I feel even a little better just from writing this post. πŸ™‚

Rained out

Well, my running plans were ruined today by the rain. Planning to run on my break at work has been successful for me for the last 10 weeks, but I’ve been oddly lucky that I wasn’t ever caught in pouring rain. My streak ended today, because just as I got about half way around the track for my first lap, the rain opened up and I had to hustle back to the office. I could have just stuck it out, except I didn’t bring any extra clothes today and I couldn’t sit at my deskΒ  soaking wet for 5 more hours in the afternoon. SO, as annoying as it was, it did give me a chance to just hang with my dogs and take them out while they wait for Jared to get home from work at 5:30.

Yesterday was weigh-in day, too. Again, I didn’t end up posting anything, but I weighed myself and put it in my MyFitnessPal account to keep track.

ImageThat’s 2.8 more lbs down! Of course, I like to be over three per week, but 2.8 is a really great number, especially after my 2ish days of binging last weekend.Β  Also, my boobs are pretty sore, and I’m kinda bloated because my period is coming. I think that probably has something to do with it. Even if not, I’m happy with the number! Its weird; in one week, I will have lost 40 lbs! I almost can’t believe it. The other day I realized that I’m down below the weight I was when we moved to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago… which has just been blowing my mind all week. On the weekend, I tried on a pair of my old shorts (that didn’t fit me last summer or on vacation this winter), and they fit me again! They aren’t even super tight… they actually fit me like they should.

The next thing I’m adding to the mix of my life-plan (or whatever its called) is trying to deal with my stretch marks. I’ve read about a million things about how to make them more invisible, all of which are confusing, difficult, or contradictory. This week I started ‘exfoliating’ in the shower, at least a couple of times in the week, and then moisturizing afterwards. I bought this waxy stuff that is called Tummy Butter (I think), that I’ve been using on my boobs and stomach after every shower. I need to take a picture so I can tell if there have been changes or not, but I haven’t done that yet. Some days they look better and others they look way worse, so the pictures may not even be accurate.

Last night, Jared and I went to ‘First Friday,’ a gallery crawl that happens over a couple of miles in Garfield/Bloomfield. It was really cool! Even though I didn’t run yesterday, we walked at least 2 miles going to the different galleries around that area, so I’m glad that I got some exercise. I needed to loosen my legs up, too. The art was really great! We stopped at a place that does glass blowing, and we saw a demonstration from this older man who was just there with a flamethrower, as if it were nothing. He showed us how to make different patterns in a Christmas ornament. It was super cool. I was totally mesmerized by how quickly he worked and how simple it seemed to make these beautiful glass objects. At another place, they had very simple art hanging up everywhere, and tables where you could color or paint your own pictures.

ImageAs you can see, my husband is very arty… and somewhat childish πŸ˜‰ Also, neither of us is good at taking serious pictures haha. Earlier in the day yesterday, I went to the park with the dogs. In case you’re not totally sick of seeing park pictures, I’m gonna post one of Yoli because I think she’s incredibly adorable.

ImageShe totally has a cheesy dog-dimpled smile. How can you not totally fall in love with that face? Ahhh! πŸ™‚


Happy Thursday!

Today was the best day of the week, as far as I’m concerned! I have TWO pieces of good news; I got officially hired as a PRN where I interned, and my run was AWESOME! Several times this week I felt great while running, and today was no exception. At mile two, I actually thought to myself, “Holy shit, I’m not tired. This is awesome.”Β  SOO weird. The workout (W10/D2) was the same as yesterday, three sets of 15 minute running separated by one minute walking. I actually finished three miles with 5 minutes left, meaning that my pace was FAST for the day! My goal right now is to get under a 40 minute 5k, and more long term, to reach a 10 minute mile. Today was right around a 13:20 mile, which reminds me that I have a long way to go, but also tells me that I’ve gotten quite a bit better over the last two weeks. Aside from the increased endurance, my pace has picked up at least one minute per mile, as during week 7 of the C25k workout (28 minute jog), I only made it right around 2 miles. Today it seems as though I’ve cut off at least 40 seconds from that pace, as well as maintained that an extra mile! Quantifying my progress is just reinforcing my commitment to working out. I totally dig it. πŸ™‚

Getting back to my first piece of good news, I’m so excited about being officially hired! I kinda knew I would be, but nothing is as relieving as hearing that you didn’t do anything to screw up in the process. I also have another interview next week at a hospital in town. Last week, my interview didn’t go so great, so I’m hoping with more practice this week I will do better. Again, I’m probably not totally qualified for the job, but getting the interview must mean something. I just need to wow them with my incredible personality πŸ˜‰

ImageThis is the outfit I wore last week. It has been my lucky interview outfit for the past year (except last week), and I’m planning to wear it again next week. Probably if I hadn’t started losing weight, the jacket wouldn’t fit, but because I have, it looks damn good on me πŸ˜‰ The dress also looks good on me, but because it isn’t form-fitting, I’ve been able to wear it for quite a while. Sometimes I straighten my hair for interviews, like last week, but I think my curly hair more closely matches my personality, so I may go with that for next week. The problem is that it doesn’t look so nice and neat, and I worry that this is a problem. I guess we’ll see how the weather is (humidity and rain mean afro).

ImageAs you can see, it gets quite out of control (note the tiny curly-q in the widows peak). Crazy hair matches my wild personality… possibly not something great to show at a professional interview. Ehh, we’ll see.

I feel like I haven’t posted pictures of my adorable fur children lately, sooo here are a few of them and my hubs at the park yesterday.

Look at my hubby entertaining our babes πŸ™‚
They like to carry the rope toy back TOGETHER. Its really a crowd pleaser.

Look at how green the grass is! Spring is definitely here. In fact, I’ve been running in my carpi-length leggings and a long sleeved shirt. It’s great… except they’re too big now. Until I get sweaty, I spend a ton of time pulling them up over and over again. Its great and annoying at the same time. When I start sweating, they start sticking more. Guess I might have to go shopping soon…

REAL Rest Day

So, I’ve had not much to do lately but workout, think about working out, and eat.Β  As I said yesterday, I’m running over 3 miles at least 3 times a week right now (yay). Work has been SO SLOW that I spent most of my evening today searching for information on how to speed up your running and what to do on your ‘rest’ days. Lately I’ve been spending the entire weekend actually resting, without doing much of anything. I don’t want to do that anymore, and I’m excited to say that I don’t have to! I found some stuff to do that I think will help, but I will also be able to do from home or in a smaller amount of time:

A) I downloaded a new app I found (for free) called 7M Workout. It apparently has several different workouts and levels of intensity that you can do in 7 minutes. They have longer ones too; I saw a 9, a 16, and a 30 minute one as well. I want to do this at least one day a week. I think that these will be something good for me to do on Wednesdays on my break from work, because that is my rest day of the four days in a row. I found out last week that my knee doesn’t really like running four days in a row, so I want to do something the other day. Today, I went home to hang out with my dogs and my husband, but since he and I are fighting, it wasn’t much fun.Β  Plus it was POURING rain, so I didn’t have many other options, and not having options makes me cranky. Maybe I’m just cranky overall. Anyways, doing a workout from this app on Wednesdays will be good.

B) I found some information on a thing called a Fartlek Workout. Now, I’m far from well-versed on this, but I’m definitely interested. I think this is something I want to do on the weekends! It looks really hard and really horrible, but it will definitely help me speed up and feel better about myself on the weekends. I think the three days of no working out has really been taking a toll on my self-esteem. It also encourages my binging, because when I have a workout planned, I eat accordingly. Thinking logically about all of this is pushing me in the right direction. Ill have to work hard to figure out what level of Fartlek I can do. I need to do more research tomorrow because I don’t want to start at too hard cuz then I’ll never finish it, but if I do one that is too easy, I’ll not feel the benefits.

C) I was thinking if the other ones don’t work out, I’ll do some running/walking stairs. I remember doing this in college for my ‘Walking for Fitness’ Class, which we renamed to ‘Running for your life’ ha. Anyways, we did stairs (bleachers, actually) at the end of many of the workouts, and I was ALWAYS sore after those days. That must be good for butt and quad muscles, which are important for running.

So, we’ll see. Tomorrow is W10D2 for the 10k trainer, which I hope to do on my break from work. I switched my work schedule to work Saturday, too which I think I want to do my Fartlek workout on. It depends on what I can get done on Friday. If I can get myself out for a workout, then I’ll try to do W10D3. I’m trying to take it one day at a time (with some planning). Ha. Its an oxymoron.