Happy Thursday!

Today was the best day of the week, as far as I’m concerned! I have TWO pieces of good news; I got officially hired as a PRN where I interned, and my run was AWESOME! Several times this week I felt great while running, and today was no exception. At mile two, I actually thought to myself, “Holy shit, I’m not tired. This is awesome.”  SOO weird. The workout (W10/D2) was the same as yesterday, three sets of 15 minute running separated by one minute walking. I actually finished three miles with 5 minutes left, meaning that my pace was FAST for the day! My goal right now is to get under a 40 minute 5k, and more long term, to reach a 10 minute mile. Today was right around a 13:20 mile, which reminds me that I have a long way to go, but also tells me that I’ve gotten quite a bit better over the last two weeks. Aside from the increased endurance, my pace has picked up at least one minute per mile, as during week 7 of the C25k workout (28 minute jog), I only made it right around 2 miles. Today it seems as though I’ve cut off at least 40 seconds from that pace, as well as maintained that an extra mile! Quantifying my progress is just reinforcing my commitment to working out. I totally dig it. 🙂

Getting back to my first piece of good news, I’m so excited about being officially hired! I kinda knew I would be, but nothing is as relieving as hearing that you didn’t do anything to screw up in the process. I also have another interview next week at a hospital in town. Last week, my interview didn’t go so great, so I’m hoping with more practice this week I will do better. Again, I’m probably not totally qualified for the job, but getting the interview must mean something. I just need to wow them with my incredible personality 😉

ImageThis is the outfit I wore last week. It has been my lucky interview outfit for the past year (except last week), and I’m planning to wear it again next week. Probably if I hadn’t started losing weight, the jacket wouldn’t fit, but because I have, it looks damn good on me 😉 The dress also looks good on me, but because it isn’t form-fitting, I’ve been able to wear it for quite a while. Sometimes I straighten my hair for interviews, like last week, but I think my curly hair more closely matches my personality, so I may go with that for next week. The problem is that it doesn’t look so nice and neat, and I worry that this is a problem. I guess we’ll see how the weather is (humidity and rain mean afro).

ImageAs you can see, it gets quite out of control (note the tiny curly-q in the widows peak). Crazy hair matches my wild personality… possibly not something great to show at a professional interview. Ehh, we’ll see.

I feel like I haven’t posted pictures of my adorable fur children lately, sooo here are a few of them and my hubs at the park yesterday.

Look at my hubby entertaining our babes 🙂
They like to carry the rope toy back TOGETHER. Its really a crowd pleaser.

Look at how green the grass is! Spring is definitely here. In fact, I’ve been running in my carpi-length leggings and a long sleeved shirt. It’s great… except they’re too big now. Until I get sweaty, I spend a ton of time pulling them up over and over again. Its great and annoying at the same time. When I start sweating, they start sticking more. Guess I might have to go shopping soon…


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