Rained out

Well, my running plans were ruined today by the rain. Planning to run on my break at work has been successful for me for the last 10 weeks, but I’ve been oddly lucky that I wasn’t ever caught in pouring rain. My streak ended today, because just as I got about half way around the track for my first lap, the rain opened up and I had to hustle back to the office. I could have just stuck it out, except I didn’t bring any extra clothes today and I couldn’t sit at my desk  soaking wet for 5 more hours in the afternoon. SO, as annoying as it was, it did give me a chance to just hang with my dogs and take them out while they wait for Jared to get home from work at 5:30.

Yesterday was weigh-in day, too. Again, I didn’t end up posting anything, but I weighed myself and put it in my MyFitnessPal account to keep track.

ImageThat’s 2.8 more lbs down! Of course, I like to be over three per week, but 2.8 is a really great number, especially after my 2ish days of binging last weekend.  Also, my boobs are pretty sore, and I’m kinda bloated because my period is coming. I think that probably has something to do with it. Even if not, I’m happy with the number! Its weird; in one week, I will have lost 40 lbs! I almost can’t believe it. The other day I realized that I’m down below the weight I was when we moved to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago… which has just been blowing my mind all week. On the weekend, I tried on a pair of my old shorts (that didn’t fit me last summer or on vacation this winter), and they fit me again! They aren’t even super tight… they actually fit me like they should.

The next thing I’m adding to the mix of my life-plan (or whatever its called) is trying to deal with my stretch marks. I’ve read about a million things about how to make them more invisible, all of which are confusing, difficult, or contradictory. This week I started ‘exfoliating’ in the shower, at least a couple of times in the week, and then moisturizing afterwards. I bought this waxy stuff that is called Tummy Butter (I think), that I’ve been using on my boobs and stomach after every shower. I need to take a picture so I can tell if there have been changes or not, but I haven’t done that yet. Some days they look better and others they look way worse, so the pictures may not even be accurate.

Last night, Jared and I went to ‘First Friday,’ a gallery crawl that happens over a couple of miles in Garfield/Bloomfield. It was really cool! Even though I didn’t run yesterday, we walked at least 2 miles going to the different galleries around that area, so I’m glad that I got some exercise. I needed to loosen my legs up, too. The art was really great! We stopped at a place that does glass blowing, and we saw a demonstration from this older man who was just there with a flamethrower, as if it were nothing. He showed us how to make different patterns in a Christmas ornament. It was super cool. I was totally mesmerized by how quickly he worked and how simple it seemed to make these beautiful glass objects. At another place, they had very simple art hanging up everywhere, and tables where you could color or paint your own pictures.

ImageAs you can see, my husband is very arty… and somewhat childish 😉 Also, neither of us is good at taking serious pictures haha. Earlier in the day yesterday, I went to the park with the dogs. In case you’re not totally sick of seeing park pictures, I’m gonna post one of Yoli because I think she’s incredibly adorable.

ImageShe totally has a cheesy dog-dimpled smile. How can you not totally fall in love with that face? Ahhh! 🙂



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