Up and down

Well, I had my interview today. I felt a little nervous so I left like 30 minutes early, just in case I got lost… which I did. I knew exactly WHERE it was, but I wasn’t sure how to get to the correct building within the GIANT hospital that it was supposed to be a part of. I also was afraid I’d park somewhere and then have trouble finding my way out of that garage and into the correct building, but it turned out just perfect. I found my way, I parked, AND made it upstairs about fifteen minutes before the interview started. That is a little earlier than I would actually like to show up for an interview, but its MUCH better than being late. Also, I had a chance to relax a bit so my hands weren’t sweaty when the interviewer came in the room. I have this big fear of someone shaking my sweaty hand and just rejecting me right then.

I think the interview went well overall. I was told that they were very interested in me because of my previous experience, but I fear that all of the candidates will be similar. In a city like this, I imagine there are many people going up for every job that I do. SO, I’m just crossing my fingers and trusting the process. This is another time where trusting the process is important… but so hard.

Tonight at work, I was feeling suuuuuper munchy. I managed to eat half a cantaloupe and some ravioli before I went on my dinner break, which is impressive because I wanted to eat about 10 cheeseburgers. I was supposed to run today, but I was just not feeling motivated at all. Last night, the run was so mediocre, and so LONG that I just didn’t want to do it again. Add that to the munchies, and you have a skipped workout and binging at a chinese restaurant. I knew that would be coming, so instead I put on my workout clothes and just did some agility exercises. It was only about a 15 minute work out, but my heartrate was definitely up, and I could feel some new muscles in my legs, so it wasn’t a complete fail. For my agility exercises, I did down-and-back for the width of the soccer field with a 30 second break between each of these exercises: high knees, butt kicks, skipping, grapevine, and backwards running. It was pretty quick, but at least it kept me from overdoing the munching. Afterwards, I just laid in the grass and stared at the sky for a while. I could even see a few stars up in the sky, which isn’t very common in the city. I also did a little meditation while I was laying there.

ImageIt was far from the best one that I’ve done on this app, but it was still nice to just lay in the grass and get grounded. It really helped my stress level too, which is so important with my other interview tomorrow. I feel like I’m more prepared for that one, since I’ve been working as an IOP therapist for the past year. In a perfect world, I’d be offered BOTH positions, and have to choose from them, but the world is not perfect, so I just want to nail this one so that I can enjoy the weekend and relax a bit.

We’re heading up to Clarion again this weekend (third time this week!) so that we can do a little river party with my family. Apparently its to celebrate Zac/Dad’s birthdays, Mothers day, and my graduation! That is quite a bit of celebration! She’s making grilled chicken, which will be super DELICIOUS, and healthy/low calorie. SO, hopefully this weekend wont be another downward spiral like last weekend. My weigh in is supposed to be tomorrow and I don’t think I’ve lost anything at all. When I woke up and weighed myself this morning, I weighed exactly the same as last week. 😦


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