One TOUGH week…

Welp. This has been one rollercoaster week. I started out on Monday recognizing that I needed to shake things up. So, after running Monday and Tuesday, I planned to do the same Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I noticed this week that I’ve been waiting for my period for over a week now. I checked my calender to see if I was crazy, but I wasn’t. My period was late and I was scared. I bought a pregnancy test and… It’s positive. Wednesday I found out and went to the doctor the same day. At the doctor, I took TWO tests, and both were negative. That day I had about 4 heart attacks, and cried for probably more than 4 hours cumulatively. Among the many reasons they gave for my (probable) false negatives, the most likely seemed that my urine was diluted and its so early that the hCG hormones were low. With diluted urine and low levels you have false negatives.

I went home on my lunch break to tell Jared. Of course, I was crying before I finished the two-word sentence, “I’m pregnant.” Some of the tears were happy, some sad, and most of them were just TERRIFIED. Most of the sadness came from being bummed that we’re changing our plans from Vegas to something else. The happy ones recognized that I’ve been on this weight-loss journey in order to have a baby. SO, this is something that I wanted, and something that I’ve been planning for for over four months now. Since Wednesday, there have been lots more happy and terrified tears. I’m pretty sure there has been a significant amount of hyperventilating too, but that goes along with the terrified tears generally.

So, this puts a pretty big staple in my weight loss. I want to continue running and doing some exercises because I’ve read a lot about how that’s healthy for the baby, especially in the first two trimesters. I may switch to something lower impact after a while, but for now I’m gonna continue to try to pound out the pavement a bit. It is tougher though. I think I’m all up in my head about the pregnancy when I’m running now. Today, I planned to do 30 minutes like Monday and Tuesday this week. When I got started, I felt good, so I switched up my direction and went up a pretty steep hill. I did it pretty fast, because it felt good, and then for the next 10 minutes, I could NOT catch my breath no matter what. It was horrible. It was a little chillier today than it has been lately, but it was not cold by any means. In fact, it was PERFECT running weather.


I’m not sure why I had so much trouble breathing, but I was definitely wheezing for like 10-20 minutes, even AFTER the run was over. That’s something that I dealt with when I was younger, but I haven’t really had trouble with since I started running in February. I remember being surprised that I could breathe in the cold, which is why I was so bummed today.  I think I justified stopping early because I’m pregnant, which must mean I’m more tired than normal. I need to find a way to keep myself goal-oriented. I’m afraid I’m just going to continue justifying slowing down or quitting running with the pregnancy. I’m gonna work to come up with a plan, and hopefully by Monday I’ll know.

Also, I haven’t told anyone but Jared yet. Instead of going to Vegas, we’re going to Florida to hang out with my parents for the weekend. We’re leaving Friday, so I’m hoping to run Monday-Wednesday and then get ready to head down Thursday. I’m planning to tell my parents while we’re there, because I wont be drinking. I have a plan for telling my mom, but it may slip out sooner because generally when I’m around them, we do ALOT of drinking. We really enjoy a nice refreshing beer during outdoor activities. Unfortunately, prego me has to say no. I’m still dealing with the frustrating ‘rules’ of pregnancy. It doesn’t seem to matter what the food is, pretty much everyone has an opinion about EVERYTHING. I can’t have caffeine, diet pop, any sugar substitute, too much fat, too much grease, and the list goes onnnnnnnnnnnnn. So annoying.

So, that’s what’s up. PS. Its still a secret, since I’m only 5 weeks along. MANY terrible things can happen before the end of the first trimester….


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