Manic Monday

Today started out pretty well for me! Monday’s are always weird because I get to bed at a reasonable time on Sundays, so I wake up pretty early Monday… and without school, I have nothing to do. Today, I felt particularly motivated, so I did some cleaning, called the apartment people about our clogged sink, and then headed out to run some errands. I got back around one and the maintenance guy still hadn’t come yet. I figured he’d be there by then, so I was surprised to come home to an empty house. It was a pretty big bummer because I didn’t want to be in the shower when he showed up, but I also wanted to shower before I had to leave for work (3:45ish). Unfortunately, he came  at about 1:30, and it took him FOREVER. He was still there when I left. Then, Jared called me tonight after my dinner break to say the overnight maintenance man came to check on the progress and he said that the morning guy screwed a bunch of stuff up. SO ANNOYING.

So, I ended up going to work without showering. Ick. But, better news is that I did my run tonight and it went pretty well! I felt good, I worked hard, and afterwards I felt like it was MUCH better than last week. Last week there were a couple days I felt like I would DIE before I hit 30 minutes. Today, the hardest part was the first 10 minutes. After that, I mostly tuned out and just kept running and thinking. I’ve found my best runs are when I’m totally tuned out to the world and I’m just in my head.


IMG_3868This was a “PR” best time for me. 13:01 is really good! Especially since last week I felt like I couldn’t finish at all. Plus, check out those negative splits 😉 I love seeing that my pace picks up as I go. I think its because the first 10 minutes are so sucky haha.


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