I know myself best I guess.

So, remember yesterday when I said that I’ll run depending on… whatever? Yeah, I didn’t run.  BUT, I did take a nice long walk wearing Felix with my mama. So, I’ll give myself half of a point for that. I didn’t start the running program, but I did get a little bit of exercise, which is what I’ve needed to do. So that’s that. I did stop myself from binging last night, and I also stopped myself from eating before bed, which is a big thing for me. So, another half of a point for that! haha.

Getting back into counting calories is really hard. I’m trying to find motivation again but right around the third day in a row, I lose it a little. For example, I did well yesterday, I’ve done well today… but tomorrow is “Cookie Wednesday” at work. Yay for my bosses for keeping morale up, but daaamn I can’t say no to cookies! I just need to count them if I have them… but I get discouraged when I can’t tell myself no. The best thing to do is probably go into it with a plan; make myself something with fewer calories for lunch (like a tuna salad) so that if I have ONE cookie, I’m not totally screwed up for the whole day.  Lets see if that works 🙂


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