Week 2! 

Still going strong 7 days later! 😀 

 The sun was setting on my way home and by the time I got there it was dark.  
I actually thought about skipping my run. Then I quickly dismissed the thought and mentally prepared. I’m so glad it worked. The run went pretty fast and I think I did about 1.5 miles. Not impressive to anyone but me… And I’m good with that. It’s nice to be back to competing against myself. I measured my block last week in my car and it’s about one mile for the big block. So now I have an idea of how far I’ve gone since I began… And in a month I will hopefully be going farther. A month after that even farther.

Last time I did the C25k thing I didn’t run as fast as it wanted me to, but I followed the program anyways. I worked on speed after I was done so that’s my plan this time too. I need to get the stamina and then work on the speed. I’d also like to reach a point where I can do different types of runs like extremely hilly ones or short and fast versus long and slow. That kind of variety will help me burn more calories and stay interested. Whenever I get to that point. 

For now this is enough for me. 🙃💪


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