Fun friday

Made it through another work week without losing my mind and eating everything in sight! I also ate zero cookies on cookie Wednesday again! There were even some left over all the way up til today and I didn’t go for any! That is a lot of exclamatory statements in one paragraph. 

I ran Monday, Thursday, and Friday this week. I had planned for Wednesday to be a running day but it didn’t happen because I went out for lunch with Jared instead. I’d taken a half day so I could go to Erie with my mom so when I got home from work he wanted to go out for lunch instead of take a nap. So that’s what we did. I ate grilled chicken and broccoli that wasn’t very good. Thursday we got lunch too but I got a chicken ceaser wrap that was freaking delicious. I need to keep looking for lowish calorie options that I will enjoy when we go out or I won’t continue with this. 

I was really excited for my weigh in today because I felt really good about all of the choices I made this week. I’m down FOUR pounds this week! Im back to the 250’s! I thought it would take longer because I didn’t expect to lose this much this fast but I’m so excited! I’m not sure how it is even possible but I’ll blame it on the healthy food, exercise, and breastfeeding. It’s been really affecting my overall mood too. 

I’ve noticed that I’m really enjoying the little things. Watching Felix eat and explore the world makes me really happy. It’s amazing how much exercise can really make you feel better about everything. 

Felix really enjoys going running with me so it makes it even that much more worth it.  Knowing that he’s growing up around exercise is really important to me because I want him to be healthier than I am. Jared is heavier than ever right now and he’s getting frustrated with his body. He’s 188 lbs and about 5’8″. He doesn’t look fat at all but he complains how fat he is every day. It can be so frustrating because he refuses to do anyyyythingg about it but continually complains. When I’m “off the wagon,” I at least keep my negative thoughts to myself. It gets so annoying and at time I give him suggestions but he just refuses. It’s like he believes the weight will magically melt away one day with no effort. I used to think that but eventually I realized how much work it takes. Idk. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black so I’ll just keep it to myself but I need to vent somewhere so there it was. 


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