Two weeks clean :)

Celebrating small milestones is important to me. The first two weeks can be really hard to get they and I feel like I really made them quick and easy. I’m already to the confidence level that has me planning how much I will lose by certain events. For example if I stick to this I’ll lose about ten more pounds by thanksgiving and 20 by Christmas. If I do, I could be in the 230’s at Christmas with my in laws. That would be incredible. 

I know it’s important to not get ahead of myself because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment but it makes me feel hopeful and excited to keep working toward results when I think about what kind of change I could see over time. If I eat well today, I could be the lightest I’ve been since leaving Puerto Rico… By Christmas! That would be awesome. 

So somehow on Friday I accidentally skipped the third run of week two and went straight to week three. So today I have two of the three week three runs done and it’s only the first day of week three. I looked ahead and I was reminded of the terror that is week 4 and beyond so I’m going to do the last day of week 3 and one day of week four this week. And then next week I may do all three of week four even if one is a repeat. We shall see what happens but that’s what I’m thinking today. 

This weekend we had some nice family time. We got some alone time after a crazy day and took my favorite picture in a year. Saturday was pretty busy between going to a college football game with my parents and having some old friends over for dinner. All in all it was really nice – we don’t get to see friends very often because most of ours don’t have kids and don’t really get it lol. It’s always fun to see other parents of littles because Felix is such a ham and is so well behaved that it makes me super proud to show him off. He has such a great personality I just love to see him learn and interact with everyone and everything. 

  He’s always got a smile on, even in the cold. ☺️

  I love spending time with our little family. This is why I want to take care of myself better. I want to be better for the two who love me most. 


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