Unfortunate weigh in. 

Just as I feared yesterday… My weigh in wasn’t as good as I wanted.  

I lost 1.8 lbs. it’s actually not a bad weigh in after losing 4 lbs last week because the average over the two is right around 3. My mom said my face is looking thinner today. I think she was just being nice but I accepted it anyways. I’m down almost 10lbs from when I started getting back on track which is pretty cool. 10lbs in three weeks is great. I know it won’t continue to be such big numbers so I’m just trying to be grateful and focused instead of upset and disappointed. Disappointment is what gets me off track. So. Yeah. 

Tomorrow we’re going to Columbus for a little weekend trip. I’m excited to get out of town and adventure again. Felix will probably hate the car ride in his car seat for that long but it will be worth it I think. I’ll have to take pictures and document it. I’ll also have to work hard at eating healthy and getting exercise while we’re there. If the weather isn’t terrible tomorrow I may run before we go. We’ll have to see. It’s snowy and blustery tonight so I don’t have high hopes. 


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