Columbus adventure. 

This weekend we took a little family weekend trip to Columbus to catch up with one of Jared’s friends. He wanted to get a new tattoo so we made a weekend out of it. 

Our first stop was the German Town area of it. That historical area is adjacent to what they call the brewery district, so naturally we had to stop for lunch at the Columbus Brewing Co. 

The beer was pretty terrible. But the atmosphere was nice and I love going to that kind of place to try new stuff. Felix quite enjoyed it even if Jared wasn’t a fan.   

While Jared was getting his tattoo the next day, Felix and I had to keep busy on our own. We walked around the Ohio State campus for a while, shopped at some local stores, and went out for lunch. While there I pretty much only ate one big meal a day. I tried making the best choices I could (chicken sandwich and a buffalo chicken wrap with fruit) but this is one of those times that I wanted to splurge since we don’t travel very often. I feel like I made good choices, I got some exercise by walking, and even after a disappointing weigh-in, I’m happy I did it. 

Felix and I got pretty bored waiting for Jared for like 7 hours because he had to wait for someone else to get a tatto between the two he got. He was having a good time so I was trying to stay positive despite having a great time. We went to Barnes and Noble where they have some interactive play areas. I read him some books, he nursed while we sat on the floor. 
We found a Thomas the Train Engine set up that he absolutely loved. He was amazed at the cars riding on the tracks. I can’t believe how amazing it is watching him grow every day. ☺️


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