Roller coaster 

It’s been a fucking crazy day. I’ve been interviewing at new jobs lately because I’m frustrated where I work now. Welllll. I have two job offers on the table. 

One is non-guaranteed hours but good pay. The other is guaranteed hours with the same pay I have now… And an unclear potential for significant pay increases. I’m so confused. Should I stay where I am because I know what to expect and I have good hours? Should I take the first job and work my ass off to get all the hours I need but also drive more than I want? Or should I take the second job and hope they don’t burn me on pay in the future? 

Why should I trust them? Why should I stick my neck out? Well. I know I won’t be moving up in my current company. But I’m comfortable there and the hours are consistent and PTO is good. BUT the second one has decent PTO too and a potential to move up.  Ahhhhh. 

I went running tonight to see if it would help me decide. It was 5 min run then walk 3 then 8 run then walk 3 then run 5.  Yesterday’s was run 20 straight so today was pretty easy comparatively. I still had to run up my hill which is hard but it felt great. I didn’t make any progress on the decision but I do feel better. Haha. 

I’m planning my weigh in on Thursday since we’re going out of town for the weekend starting that day. Feeling good about this week. Fingers crossed that I’ll be under 250 for the first time!




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