Sore legs 

This week I did something a little different. I’ve been running at least three times weekly so I’m almost done with c25k. 

25 minutes in a row is about 24 minutes longer than I could run 7 weeks ago so it feels great. This week I ran 3 days, but yesterday I really didn’t feel like it. I was feeling guilty for not going when I knew I should have, so I did some cross fit stuff instead. 

I did a 10 minute circuit where I did two sets of each: jumping jacks, push ups, lunges, leg lifts, and bicycles. After, I did some plié squats while cooking dinner. HOLY HELL my legs are killing me today. I can’t sit or stand or move without them feeling stiff and sore. It’s wonderful and horrible. 

It really is great to have a chance to mix it up tho. 

My biggest problem with how I look right now is my tummy area. I don’t like it. It I don’t like ab workouts at all either 😞😂 but that explains a lot haha. I’ve always disliked my stomach but since I had a baby it’s been really gross to me. It sags and has too much extra skin. As I lose weight I worry I’ll have a whole extra flap of skin left over. I hope I don’t if I lose weight slowly enough. It’s hard to even talk about because I’m so embarrassed. 

So. I’m taking it to the next level. I’m posting a picture of my gross tummy from the side as I lay down. You can see that it has a very clear line where it sticks out and is just blob like. Ick. 

If I keep running and eating healthy. Aaand I actually do ab exercises, I may have a chance to shrink it. I’m going to look for an ab challenge or something like it on Pinterest to get ab-solutely motivated. Haaa. 


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