Weigh in day

Well. I reached my goal this week; another two pounds down instead of gaining weight! 

  I’m actually a little disappointed because on Tuesday and Wednesday I weighed less than I did Friday. I was closer to 244 and that gave me hope that id be in the 230’s next week. Even though that isn’t the case, it’s a nice thought. I must have eaten too much sodium Thursday or something and that’s why I fluctuated up a bit. 

Still, for thanksgiving week, that is a good weigh in! And, positive body image is important so my goal this week is to not weigh myself at all again until Friday. I’ll just put faith in myself that I can do it and what I’m doing is the right thing. Maybe I’ll be surprised in a good way. 

I know that I’m doing well, and if I keep up the good work I’ll be in the 230’s in no time. In just over 8lbs I will have met my initial goal of 10% of my body weight since starting again and that is a huge milestone. That was about when others started noticing last time and I’m really looking forward to that stage this time. 

For now, I’m just going to remind myself to remain in today. 


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