Monday, week 7?

I’ve been eating healthy long enough that I lost track of how many weeks. Yay! That makes me feel like it’s more of a habit than a hassle. 

This weekend I did pretty terrible at eating healthy. Saturday I chowwed down on chips and salsa at night and yesterday for lunch I had half of an Italian sub. Neither is very healthy and both are more calorie heavy than I’d like to admit. 

  Felix liked lunch tho. He’s such a doll baby. We went to the zoo to watch the Penguins March. 
It was nice to see our friends and see something so cute. I like the zoo. 

I wore Felix in the pappoose and he was really well behaved. 

And he loved the aquarium!

Today my parents came over and watched him while I ran. I really didn’t want to go but it was easy and it went really fast. I need to remember that when I don’t want to go again tomorrow lol


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