Cookie Wednesday 

Today was my last cookie Wednesday at turning point. Next week I’m off and then the following Monday is my last day at work. I suppose I could have celebrated by eating one, but I didn’t. I stayed strong again (second month straight!) and walked past, despite all the drama and chaos that would normally lead me to a binge. 

  Felix turns a year old in a week and got his first birthday card in the mail today ☺️ I’m overwhelmed at how he’s grown and kinda have baby fever. I need to lose a lot more weight before we try for #2 but I’m thinking that in a perfect world, I’d stick with this until next fall and then get pregnant so that I could have a baby in early summer 2017. We shall see what happens. If I stick with this that long, it would be a whole year of working hard, and I’d be at or close to my goal weight! 
Speaking of goals, this week my goal has been to avoid the scale until weigh in day. It is so hard! I’ve really been obsessing about it the last few weeks and avoiding it has helped me realize how unhealthy it can be. I’m definitely worried about weighing in since I haven’t been checking daily but I’m making decent choices and I’m almost done with my c25k program so I’m running over 2 miles three times per week. In theory, I should still be losing weight, even tho I’m feeling bloated. 

I have noticed that my clothes are fitting a little bit better. For example, I wore underwear today that were super tight before but now they’re very comfortable. It’s things like that that keep me motivated. I have several shirts I bought on clearance and they are too small still, but I have them in my closet as a reminder because I really do want to wear them. If I keep working hard it shouldn’t be too long. Like those affirmations? I do. 


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