Weigh in day (a bit late)

It was a decent week, especially for avoiding the scale. 


 I have been hoping for too long to be in the 230’s but I forgot how important this number is. I haven’t weighed this little for over three years. This is officially below my lowest weighty last year when I was working hard. Screw the 230’s! I’m going to instead have some freaking gratitude! 

  I’ve worked my butt off every week for two months. To be just over 20 lbs down, I’m less than 6 lbs from my initial goal and I’m fitting in my clothes significantly better than I had been. 

  I also completed the c25k program! This is a huge accomplishment, even though it opens a whole new set of fears of what I’m going to do for running now.

Tonight I did my last run and it was 30 minutes straight. It actually felt pretty easy so I know I can go faster I just need to get my confidence up. I’m going to work on a good plan this week and in the mean time I’ll prob just keep with 30 mins. I think I went around 2.5 miles so I’d like to  hit 3 pretty soon if possible. 
The real reason I ran today was because we celebrated Felix’s birthday and I overindulged. I felt guilty so I knew running would help. 

Hard to believe this kid is going to be a year old on Wednesday! Ahhhhh!


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