New plan 

I ran four days this week! 👍 

  Even after celebrating Felix’s birthday on two occasions! I had to because I ate a bunch of crap. I also figured out my next step. The runkeeper app lets you create workout plans and goals so I started a plan that involves interval runs, fartleks and easy days.   

Today was 30 minute steady run. I inputted how far I normally run and at what speed and it developed a plan for me to follow. It’s gonna be really hard but I think doable. It’s gonna be especially difficult with visiting family next week but if I need to push it back I will. 

I’m glad to have a new plan tho! I was feeling anxious and a little defeated this week, worrying that I’d just give up and get out of shape but it’s looking like the opposite. Yay! I hope I can stick to it. 

Tomorrow is weigh in day. Fingers crossed after a week of making mediocre choices. 😬


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