Christmas! Almost…

  1. Tonight we celebrated because we’re going to potter county tomorrow for the holiday and didn’t want to rush then. 

Felix wasn’t interested in ripping the paper but he was very interested in every light up toy he got! Christmas is fun with a baby. 

  Jared got me my favvvorite album from my childhood (other than the wall) for me, which I was clearly super excited about. Full disclosure, I saw on my computer that he got it for me like a month ago but regardless I am excited! 

Today I also ran with Felix. It was a 40 minute steady run. 

  Not negative splits tonight but I was running with Felix and my knee was killing me so I’m okay with it. I figured something out about the runkeeper app that I didn’t know – it is counting the warmup so I should have actually gone 45 minutes total. Now I know lol. I’ll have to do it differently in the future. 

Tomorrow is weigh in day 😬


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