Christmas with the cranks… Cranky folks that is.

So. We went to visit Jared’s family as planned and it went about as well as I’d hoped. The emotional roller coaster that is traveling with a one year old was increased tenfold by the typical holiday stress and drama. 

Fortunately, I was able to get out for an easy run on Saturday, our last full day there, as well as Sunday when we got home. 

There is practically no cell reception anywhere in potter county so I’m pretty sure the speed is off, but I was definitely going slow so probably not off by more than 1-2 minutes per mile. I did the easy run that was supposed to be Sunday while I was there because I just wasn’t up for an interval run at 7am in a strange place after eating crap for two days. 

I did manage to take a blurry selfie halfway through for proof for my mom to know I actually ran haha.  

Yesterday I did my interval run that was scheduled for Friday because I just didn’t want to do it our first day there, especially after staying up all night with my kid who wouldn’t sleep. 

I figured out something cool on the Runkeeper app. On the interval runs, it tells you your interval speed as you’re going so you can decipher between fast and slow. The screenshot I got was of the overall average because once you complete it and save it, it doesn’t show you your different paces. I’ll have to remember to take a shot of it before stopping the run next time. I do remember looking and my first 10 minute interval had a speed of 11:20-something which is awesome! To keep that pace for 10 minutes is hard when your typical speed is 14-something! 

I’ve been weighing myself since I got back and I definitely gained weight over the holiday. I’m back on healthy eating track and am hoping that the scale will be forgiving on Friday. If not, I know what to do. Regardless, I feel good about most of my decisions and even better for getting back in the groove when I got home yesterday. Hopefully this shitty weather lets up so I can run tomorrow. 


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