Tempo run

I still feel like a person who knows nothing about running or training. I’m running two or more miles 3-4 days weekly and I’m still doubting myself. 

Today was a 20 minute tempo run. I still struggle with doing things in order because of my complicated life and schedule, so it feels like I just did speed work, probably because I did. Regardless, today went alright. 

I remembered to take the screen shot before finalizing the run so I can see what my actual pace was, not including my warmup. 13:07 with the stroller over 20 minutes is good in my mind! I think I could have done better but I was feeling kinda weak and distracted all day. 

I marked it as a bad run because I was huffing and puffing the whole time, but I’m pretty sure that is the purpose of the tempo run (again, not that I have any idea whether that’s right or not). 

In other news, I’m starting to feel like my face is getting skinnier. I’m taking more pictures of myself, showing my confidence is coming back. Yay!


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