New year, same me!

This was an amazing and difficult year for me. From breastfeeding a baby and starting a new job to buying a house and trying to get healthy again, it’s been a roller coaster of the best kind. 

I’m happy to say that I started working out before the new year because so many times in the past I’ve waited UNTIL… Something. Monday, my junk food was gone, the zombie apocalypse… (Okay maybe not that one but you get the idea). 

This time I was ready and so I just went for it. Over Christmas week I gained a pound, which I’ve been obsessing about ever since. But you know what, fuck that! I’ve been talking shit to myself for so long that I’m done with it. So I gained a pound? When I got back, the scale said I was up six and by Thursday I got that down to one by working hard and eating right. That takes dedication and even if I’m up one whole pound, it could be way worse. I’m still weighing in at the end of the year at less than I weighed at the beginning. That is goal reaching if you ask me. 

Happy new year to my now 1 year old! 

  Happy birthday and new year to my amazing husband who keeps encouraging me and telling me I look great even when I’m beating myself up. This year I’m going to work on positivity and positive self talk. I deserve it!


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