2016 thoughts 

I wanted to write a post about goals for this year after I read a post from my favorite blog doing the same thing. So. Here we go. 


Run at least 25 miles per month – this would be equal to about 2 miles 3 times per week which should be doable since I’m already doing that much. 

End the year weighing less than I did when it started. This will require me to not relapse this year. My starting weight I’ll round to 238. I actually have another goal related to weight, but considering that I may get pregnant this year, I want to allow for the possibility that I’ll need to gain SOME weight for the pregnancy.  

Get my weight below 200lbs. Sometime this year it’s really important to me that I get below the 200s. I’d like to reach my goal weight, but my next huge milestone is 200s – it will put me back at the weight I was when I met Jared and is much closer to a healthy weight range than I’ve been in 5+ years. 

I think each of these goals is achievable and realistic. I still need to set some goals for January so I’ll set those now too. 

I want to start doing some abs 3 times a week. I found a cute little 5 minute ab thing that I’d like to start doing. I’ve been reading about how to tighten skin while losing weight because I’m worried I’ll lose weight and still feel crappy about myself because I’ll have all this gross skin left over. So, what I’ve read is that I need to do strength training to improve muscle integrity, which can help tighten skin and burn fat. So, I’m starting with abs this month to see if I’ll notice a change. I also need to start taking my waist measurements to see if there is a change there, so if the number on the scale doesn’t move as much as I’d like, maybe I’ll notice waist numbers changing instead. 

My other goal is to find at least two new things I like to eat this month. Last month I discovered shake n bake doesn’t have many calories but it’s full of flavor so I’ve been cooking chicken and pork with that. I’d like to keep looking and find something else desirable. 


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