Long run 

Well. Yesterday I spent the day trying to convince myself to run with no success. Today, I felt guilty and made myself go before I could make too many excuses. I made a delicious brunch and took a nap… And then when Felix got up I hit the trail. 

It. Was. Unbelievable. I set out for a begrudging 45 minutes and about a mile into it, found myself running in pouring rain with crazy high winds in my face. 

  All I could do was laugh because it was so ridiculous. And putting me in that mindset gave me all kinds of inspiration.   

I went an extra 12 minutes because I really wanted to hit 4 miles. Once I did, I just couldn’t stop until I got home. It was like one small goal after another. This was a for sure running high like I haven’t experienced much. I need to remember the feeling for when I’m dreading a run.  


I was super happy with the splits too. I am trying to stay at an easy pace on long run days so I can exert myself more on interval or tempo days but when it’s good it’s so hard to reel myself back in. Maybe I’ll start saving for a Fitbit or garmin so I have an idea of my heart rate and adjust my speed accordingly. Maybe sometime this year. 


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