So I had a great long run on Sunday, but the problem is that it was actually Friday’s workout. So Sunday’s workout was pushed to today because I didn’t want to do a long run in the weather we had today. It was a winter weather advisory until… Well from yesterday until tomorrow so it’s been pretty wild. I did go out and run, but it had to be quick because I couldn’t take Felix in the “feels like -3 degree weather.” Soooo I couldn’t do today’s scheduled 50 minute easy run, so I did Sunday’s 30 minute tempo run. 

I actually only had time to do 25 minutes so I hustled to get in NEARLY two miles in. It would have been 2 miles if I didn’t have the stupid 5 minute warm up walk that I need lol. 

I needed to run today tho so I’m glad I got in as much as I did. Work is kinda killing me because the days are longer than I’m used to so I’m all tired and feeling blah… Meaning I need exercise! Thursday is my next scheduled day so I’m having Felix hang out with my parents while I run so that I can really make it a priority and have no excuses. Hope they don’t mind!


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