Week 2 weigh in

This week was a little crazy. I ran on Sunday and Tuesday but yesterday I took a nap instead. I’ve been so tired lately (I’ll get to why later). 

All in all, it was a good weigh in considering all of the workout switcheroos I had. I lost a total of 1.6 pounds which I’m confident would have been significantly better had I gone running yesterday as planned. But. I didn’t. 

Because when I got home from work yesterday…. I found out I am pregnant! Ahhhh! ☺️😜😳😭😬😍

That just about covers all of my emotions lol. Anyways, losing weight is not the priority again; however, because I’m still overweight, weight loss during pregnancy is not unhealthy. I’m gonna keep running and focus on healthy eating… As well as indulging sometimes because the nausea is killing me! I only want a few specific things so I need to continue to eat SOMETHING so I still have energy. This morning I had half a banana, half of a clementine, and a piece of turkey sausage. Not bad. Can you tell I’m at home with my son today? Lol


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