Week 5 weigh in

This is my 5th weigh in this year, but just for fun, I’m also going to record how many weeks pregnant I am in my weigh in posts because I think it will help make sense when I am growing. Plus it will help me keep an eye on how much I should really be gaining (which is 0 right now lol). 

This week I am 10 weeks pregnant! Only two more weeks and we will be done with the first trimester and fear of miscarriage will significantly decrease. 😀

So this morning I weighed myself like 3 times and they were all different. This one was the highest weight, which I figured is probably most accurate. I am down 1.4 lbs supposedly, which is great! This week I was more nauseated at dinner time and didn’t eat after like 4 pm on several days. One night we even went out to get Mexican food, which I had been looking forward to all day, and by the time we got there I was totally nauseated I just couldn’t do it! I took almost all of it home and ate it for lunch the next day (yesterday).  

It feels really good to see that ticker going downward again. Obviously I will need to lose weight slowly or not at all these next several months, but because I know I’m overweight, I’m okay with working out and losing body fat while pregnant. If I gain no weight the whole time, that would be cool.  Buuuut I’m not sure that’s realistic lol. 

To be honest, I only worked out once this week, and luckily for me it was on the most opportune day (right before weigh in day 😉). I am going to the gym after I put in a couple hours at the office today too so that should be very good. So far, like I said, I really like planet fitness. I’m excited to have more time there today so I can really try some of the weight machines and get myself sore before the weekend!

Felix likes it when I work out cuz I’m more energetic and patient at home. 

Jared is taking me on a valentines date this weekend that should be pretty fun. My parents offered to watch Felix so this will be our first non-baby date in MONTHS. Possibly since July for beer fest in Pittsburgh. That is a long ass time to not get a chance to love on each other. Wish I could pair it with a couple drinks but I’ll just have to have a tasty dessert instead (for the baby!). 🍰🍮


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