Welcome to the planet

You’ll never guess what I did this week. I signed up for planet fitness.   

I feel weird joining a gym because I’m really not a gym person. BUT I accepted that it is just too damn cold for me to find any motivation outside, so I spent money with hopes that it would help keep me accountable and excited to work out. And it kinda worked so far. 

Tonight after work I ran 2 miles, despite having a cold and being kinda worn out all week. The run really helped and I am excited to go back and do some weight training. I think that will be a new direction to go while I’m pregnant so I don’t dread the gym since it’ll only be some cardio and some weights, not soooo muuuuuch cardio. Lol. 


One thought on “Welcome to the planet

  1. Enjoy your new membership! I used to only go to the gym in the winter, too. We lived in Chicago. Now we moved to Texas so I can workout outside in the winter, but, it’s way too hot and humid in the summer! LOL! Congratulations on your pregnancy and take care!

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