Week 6 weigh in

I am 11 weeks pregnant this week! Aaaand I gained just over a pound 😞  


I actually weighed myself again after this and I think it was in the 235 range but this is the picture I took, so no cheating!  

 My weight has been fluctuating so much over the last two months. Last week was my first week at planet fitness, so I’m hoping the membership will get it moving in a downward direction a little more. Last night we ordered Dominoes pizza which explains my weight gain, because it is very high in sodium (and garlic, phew!) so I’m probably retaining a bit of water. I didn’t do too badly with eating this week, but obviously it wasn’t great either. 

I went to the gym twice this work week, and I’m planning to go again today when I leave. I also went last Friday, but I believe I counted that for last week so this will only be 3 for the week. Honestly, I’m happy with that! I’m proud of myself for going and I’m still liking it.   

Yesterday I ran 2 miles in 28:20 and then did a 2 minute cool down walk. For my fast songs, I ran at a 5.0mph pace which is about a 12:30 mile. I think I could hold it longer than that, like I did to finish, because my last 6-7 minutes were at that pace, but the music really has to keep me moving! I’m hoping to get that pace down to like 25:00 for two miles but I’m not expecting that overnight. I was actually doing that at the beginning of January so I know it’s possible. I’m thinking of upping the distance a bit too, if I feel up to it. It would be nice to spread my gym sessions out so they aren’t 3 days in a row, cuz I think that would make a big difference but my schedule is fucked up enough that I’ll take what I can get! 

I have one more thought now that I’m up on my high gym horse.  

I was walking out the other day and there was this girl parked in the middle waiting for someone to pull out so that she wouldn’t have to walk too far… To work out. Isn’t it funny that people do that? I can’t lie, I’m guilty of it at times too, but it’s sooo backwards. 


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