Monthly Archives: April 2016

21 weeks preggers

Got my third week one workout done ­čśÇ

I know I should have done it last week but I’m so sick of beating myself up that I don’t even care. I got a long walk in at the river yesterday with the fam which prob burned as many calories. 

Also got myself a nice sunburn. 

Today I’m 21 weeks pregnant, which means I’m over half way done! The baby is the size of a banana. 

The app is kinda funny because the fruits and veggies they use don’t really seem proportional. Regardless, it’s a fun way to track my progress and I like holding up the fruit to my belly to imagine. 


Being accountable 

… Even when I don’t want to be!I ran twice this week, not three times like I was hoping. But, yesterday we got a couple walks in and today we will get a long walk in with my family so I’m cutting myself some slack. 

I have already gained nearly 30 lbs this pregnancy which is totally unacceptable. I am having a hard time keeping my eating on track, mostly because of my lack of focus. I’m finding myself totally starving, so I wind up over eating. I need to snack more and binge less. That is my goal this week!

Felix is enjoying the fresh air

20 weeks pregnant and back on the radar. 

I’ve been MIA for about two months while I pouted about my lack of exercising. 

Work has been sooo crazy and I’ve used that as a terrible racist to eat shitty and not exercise. That ends today. 

Trying to get back into the running thing has been really hard. I’ve just been avoiding it. I have been weighing myself every week but the gain has been scary; 2-3 lbs per week. I need to cut that out because my worst fear needs to be avoided. I can’t come out of this pregnancy an extra 60 lbs on my body. 

Today I weighed 259 lbs. I am not prepared to be 260 so I’m done with the fast food and back to the real food and real workouts thing. Long hours are a good reason to KEEP working out, not stop working out. I know that I just don’t like to do it haha. That stops today! My baby boy (oh yeah, we found out the gender!) needs mama to be happy and healthy.