22 weeks and a small success

I had a very exciting weigh in this week! For the first time in a while, I gained less than a pound, which is appropriate for being pregnant. Such a relief. Now I just need to keep it up and stay focused. 
I went running again today for the first time since last Monday (yeah, it was a crappy week) so I finished W2D1 and it felt very doable. Glad that it doesn’t feel too hard or else I wouldn’t keep with it. Like Ive said a million times, the short duration of the workout also makes it feel less dreadful, since I know it won’t take long and I can just kinda get it over with. 

Felix and I are not very photogenic sometimes buuuut this is what our life looks like lol. 

Little baby boy in my belly is the size of spaghetti squash… Whatever that is. 😂


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