Well. I’m 25 weeks today! My days in the second trimester are limited. 

Baby is the size of a rutabaga (whatever that is) and I’m definitely starting to feel very pregnant. I’m still sleeping well thank god, but I have been very tired the last few days. 

Last week, Felix got sick starting on Monday, but really peaked on Wednesday night. He’d had a fever that we were managing with ibuprofen, but no other noticeable symptoms other than he was MISERABLE and you could tell he was aching. He had been doing a lot of drooling as well but he’s got a bunch of teeth so we thought it had to be more than just teething. 

Wednesday night he couldn’t sleep in his crib he was so uncomfortable so I stayed up all night just holding and rocking him. By the time Thursday arrived, I was exhausted, delerious, and just as miserable as him. I took him to the doctor who did basically nothing and sent us home because it was just teething. 

The next day he was slightly less miserable but he broke out with these little boil-like things all over his face, hands, and feet. He also had them sporadically on the rest of his body, like his belly button and back of his legs. 

I looked it up and I think he actually had Hand Foot and Mouth, but because it’s a virus we didn’t go back to the doctor just so I could be right lol. By the way, that is personal growth ha cuz I love being right! Anyways, he’s feeling much better now, the fever is gone, and he’s back to sleeping and eating like normal. Yay!


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