Birthing a preemie

I know I’m usually into the fitness blogging thing but my pregnancy came to an abrupt stop a month ago when I randomly started labor 6 weeks early. 

My tiny human made his way into the world and was shipped to the NICU in another county. After over 2 weeks, we made it home and are settling in. 

Now that I’m nearly a month post partum, I’m planning to get back into working out. I’ve been working on logging my food over the last week so that I am in the habit of it. I’ve logged everything I’ve eaten, even when embarrassed. 

I’ve been using MFP which calculates your “streak” of days you log in and log food. So it will help me keep in mind how long I’ve been working on losing weight. Again. Hopefully I don’t get pregnant after losing 30 lbs again haha. That’s been the trend it appears 😜


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