Bit the bullet

A day after I’m one month post partum, I successfully completed W1D1 of c25k! …. Again. I almost feel bad that I’m writing about starting the program over again, but I think that it’s actually a good thing that there is a workout program that I feel works and is doable. Some of the reasons I have stopped working out in the past are at least slightly legit so instead of being sad im starting over again, I’m feeling hopeful! 

While I was running today, I was thinking about coming up with more reasons to get fit than just “I wanna look better.” I know I have always had the reasons but there are more that I’ve thought of and I kinda want to see them in writing. They will also help me realize milestones along the way if I’m losing hope or steam. So here goes. 

Reasons to get healthy and exercise:

1. I want to play with my kids. I mean play hard. Like run around the yard until they collapse hard. 

2. I want to not be afraid to do things cuz I don’t think I can. For example, not go to Watkins Glen because I don’t think I can hike it and I don’t want to fail or be embarrassed. 

3. I want to have pants last a long time cuz my thighs rubbing together don’t wear them out. 

4. I want to wear jeans or shorts whenever I want, not feel like I have to wear leggings just in case we end up taking a walk and I don’t want my fat thighs to rub together and get uncomfortable. 

5. I want to WANT to be in pictures. Each time I’ve lost quite a few pounds I’ve started taking more and more pictures with my family and I want to have pictures of me that I’m proud of. 

6. I want to feel pretty. I always start getting more confidence and feel pretty and sexier when I’m working out and losing weight and that’s something that I want to be permanent. 

Okay that’s what I have so far. More to come I’m sure. In fact, I bet I’ll have more after I’ve made some progress. Again. Sigh. 


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