Friday weigh in

Okay so I know it’s Monday and I probably should have posted about my weigh in sooner, but my other in laws visited this weekend and I didn’t have much time for anything. 

I was pleasantly surprised on Friday tho: 

Now, I’ll be totally honest with this weigh in. The last time I weighed in was after I had eaten Taco Bell the day before and so I was probably retaining water and that upped my weight. BUT that doesn’t mean that this loss doesn’t matter because it does. I like to be realistic but at the same time I need some evidence that things are working early on, otherwise I get annoyed and give up. A loss of 2.4 lbs is definitely exciting regardless of the circumstances and the fact that I was brave enough to record my weight after a binge day means I’m allowed to enjoy this small victory. 

In other news, this Sunday after my in laws left and Felix woke up from his nap, we went to clarion to spend the afternoon at the river with my family. Jared and I got in the tubes for like a half hour and damn! I’m sore! It’s a fun ab and arm workout that I would love to do more often. I also had the sense to drag myself out for a run today so my body is that kind of good sore that I like. Yay!


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