Just get out!

…outside that is. I’ve had lots of fresh air lately and it’s been sooo good for me. 

This morning Jared and I took the boys to the park. This afternoon I worked out whole Felix took a nap and then I took the boys on a 2ish mile walk. Lots of exercise and fresh air. Yay! 

I’m having a hard time figuring out how many calories I need in a day because of breastfeeding. I want to eat enough to not lose my supply but I don’t want to gain weight either. I definitely don’t feel like I’m starving myself but I’ve noticed myself very hungry and therefore enjoying food more. And since I’m not trying to minimize my calories too much, I’m eating food I super like. Win. 

Now I’m trying to get my boy to get tired enough to go to bed but he’s so cute and wide awake that I’m just dealing with it lol. 


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