Saturday weigh in

So, to be totally honest again, I did weigh in yesterday, but I had binged the day before and the scale wasn’t accurate. I wanted to show an accurate weight that wasn’t totally overboard due to extra calories and sodium. So. Here is my weight today: 

I’m fairly certain that my scale is not too accurate so I may get a new one in the following weeks. Regardless, this is what it said for 2 out of 3 weights this morning (the other one was lower but I don’t believe it lol) so we’re going with this. It is actually a smaller gain than last week despite overeating most days. So frustrating! But, truth is, last week I was overeating too, I just was trying super hard not to, so it isn’t that big of a surprise that I gained. 

I did get three runs in this week again, tho, despite feeling stuck after last week. I feel good about that, and I’m on week 3 of c25k, which is the last one that feels doable/fairly easy. I remember every week after this feeling impossible, even tho I was able to do it. So, I will just keep remembering that and hang in there. The running really does help me feel better. And it makes me eat better too. When I went running yesterday after a bingey day on Thursday, I felt sluggish and heavy. Today was a harder workout and it actually felt easier because I ate nutritional calories yesterday (chicken, spinach, etc). 

I saw that on Pinterest yesterday and actually laughed out loud. It’s so true. That’s one of those things that makes me want to keep going. Another is the quote, “The months will pass whether you’re working out or not.” Also, “In 6 months, you’ll be glad you started now.”  That one hits me hard because last year I tried to get back into working out in the spring but quickly lost interest. It was really about 6 months later (and 20 more lbs) that I started. If I had stuck with in in March, I wouldn’t have had the extra 20 and would have been way ahead in the fall. 

No regrets, just trying to learn from it. This is life long. I need to stick it out during the hard part and enjoy the easier parts. 

All this talk makes me tired. 😍☺️😴


2 thoughts on “Saturday weigh in

  1. Keep at it! I started weight loss with with C25k a couple years ago and ended up losing 60lbs. I kept running. I did have to repeat weeks 4-5 a few times though- but thats ok! Good for you foe doing it! ( and I’m in the market for a better scale if you come across a good one i’d be interested in the name!)

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