In the Green

I had a good eating day today! I actually got pretty obsessive about food around 3 because I had eaten lunch at like 1030 and ran afterwards. So, I ate “dinner” at like 4, knowing that I may be in deep shit at like 7 because I would be ravenously hungry. I was thinking about food non stop at about 6, but instead of eating everything in the house, I took the boys out for a walk. It was suuuch a relief. I got fresh air, Sebi wasn’t fussy, Felix got a change in scenery, and I haven’t been obsessing about food since! Such a success. 

I also adjusted my calorie goal to 1800 today because it’s a little under 300 calories more than the goal they had set, which takes into account my breastfeeding needs. Here’s to hoping for a success on the scale this week. 

This is a fruit basket I got today from work. Felix and I are enjoying the fruit as a healthy thing to munch on as much as needed without guilt. 


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