Foodie fest, cool rain, and maternity leave countdown

It’s been an interesting couple of days! My eating has been on point, despite being put in a situation where I was forced to eat fast food — not only did I order a grilled chicken sandwich, but I was planning to eat the fries and after having a couple I decided they weren’t satisfying and gave them all away. Proud moment. Feeling mentally strong! 

My last run was Thursday and it felt awesome. Jared made me take Felix (ok he didn’t MAKE me) because he’d been frustrated all morning and wanted to take a nap. So, I did, and then after I was done I met Jared at the playground with the kids to get some energy out. 
The run was tough but I felt good. It was the week where we begin doubling the amount of running time, so of course it was tough. But as I said before, doable. 

I visited the river with my parents yesterday and had a nice afternoon with the boys. I even won a game of hearts after an epic come back! After feeling kinda drained and stuck for a few days or a week, I feel back in control and strong. I’m sure the good weigh in didn’t hurt. 😉

Today was foodie fest in grove city, which really means they set up a tent downtown with a couple samples from local restaurants and you go and try the food and make friends. There wasn’t any food that was notably good, so I took one bite of most things and didn’t finish anything I didn’t like. It was nice to have a “special day” and still make good choices. I’m getting better at turning down food that isn’t satisfying because I don’t want to eat just to eat. 


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