Weigh in happy dance 

After two weeks of complaining about my scale, I ended up buying a new one. I think the last one was actually kinda accurate but the guessing game was annoying. So, I got the Health o Meter brand one that was more advanced than the other one I’d had. It shows body fat, water, bmi, and about 10 other things that I don’t care about so I’m not listing them haha. 

Obviously I’m embarrassed by the amount of fat in my body, but if I post this picture of where I started then I have some documentation in case I stop posting the actual picture. The screen lights up and is very tricky to take a picture of in the 15 second window. 

This is what several other pictures looked like haha. 

Anyways, I lost theee pounds since my final weigh in on my questionable scale. I’m gonna go with it cuz I like the number and the hard work appears to be paying off. 

This weekend my husband and I are visiting my brother in the middle of the state. We’re taking the baby cuz I’m nursing him, but the toddler is having a weekend at grandma and grandpa’s house. It’ll be a nice little vaca. Hopefully we’ll get a little extra sleep and enjoy some fun wherever we want to go, instead of only finding toddler-friendly locations. Sounds silly, but that really limits options. He’s at the age he can’t even sit in a restaurant so I’m hoping to have my fill of restaurant food haha. And hang out with my brother, of course. 

Hubby also talked me into getting tickets for a WWE event on Sunday, so Sebi will get to see his first professional wrestling match. He was in my belly for the last one we went to in Youngstown and the first trimester nausea paired with very smelly fans was brutal. This should be better. Hope the announcements don’t hurt his little ears tho! 

In other news, Felix now nurses his baby while mommy feeds baby brother. God kids are so smart. 😍😂


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