Going back to work is exhausting. 

You heard it here first. 

My first two days back went very smoothly. I acquired some new clients, I caught up with some old clients, and I went to the gym both days. Boom! Cue total body exhaustion at 8pm haha. 

So, yesterday was the C25K day that required me to run 20 minutes. That isn’t that long unless you’re on a treadmill. Haha. 

This is what a slooow jog looks like haha. Im not even mad cuz I got it done and didn’t walk like I wanted to. I did forget to wear the heart rate band for my new Polar running watch, so I don’t have any new and exciting data for yesterday. 

Today, on the other hand…

All kinds of fun stuff. The most important to me is the info about what Zone my heart rate was for my run. I kinda like that there was a variety because supposedly that makes for burning more calories. I need to read up more on it though since I’ve heard about endurance training requiring lower intensity for a longer time. We shall see what I come up with in my lack of free time haha. 

This weekend I visited my older brother in the middle of the state. We left Felix with my parents and got a weekend with only one kid. It was awesome. We went bowling and played cards, and then Jared and I took the baby to a WWE event. 

My eating was right around 2000 a day on both Saturday and Sunday, so I’m hoping for another loss this week, but it may not be so kind on the scale. 

It’s funny, I already feel like my face is getting thinner tho so I’m taking more pictures. I like it. Even if it’s not true, working out gives me confidence so I think I’m getting thinner. It’s a good thing overall I’d say. Someday I’ll look back and want pictures of me from my babies’ childhoods. 😊


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